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  • Etalon Diagnostics Horse DNA Test - Genetic Testing Kit (55+ Traits) to Identify Equine DNA - Test for Coat Color & Patterns, Disease Risk, Abilities & Performance Genetics & More - MiniPanel PLUS
    Easy to do, just follow the steps for collecting a sample and mail in No blood involved! Just send in a sample of your horse's mane or tail hairs Results available 7-10 business days from receipt of sample. 55+ Traits and Characteristics including: Coat Color & Patterns, Health & Disease Risk, Abilities & Performance Genetics NOTE: This test does NOT include Breed Composition. Please see out other listing for this feature.
  • Accutrend Cholesterol Test Strips (x25) by Steroplast
  • Floré Gut Test | at Home Stool Test | Full Personalized Gut Microbiome Analysis, DNA Sequencing - Improve Your Gut Health | Digestion | Sleep | Clear Skin | Energy | Anxiety | Depression
    VERY SIMPLE PROCESS: Our kit comes with pre-paid shipping and detailed instructions on how to collect your sample PRECISE MICROBIOME ANALYSIS: Get precise analysis of your gut microflora; the good and the bad bacterias and their species in your gut FLORÉ FOR ALL: Floré is for any kind of gut issues. It is very helpful for adults, newborns and kids as well as expecting mothers. FOR MULTIPLE ISSUES: Improved gut health assists in weight loss, better sleep, increased energy levels, bloating and even for clearer skin. SPEAK WITH A LIAISON: Floré provides you with a scientific liaison to speak with and discuss your health goals. You get personalized help in improving your health.
  • ORIG3N Genetic Home DNA Test Kit, Fitness
    Genetic assessment designed to help you realize your fitness potential. Categories include: movement, power performance, metabolism, joint health, exercise recovery, and muscle strength. Contains 27 genes including: cardiac output (ACE), muscle force (ACTN3), training response (EDN1), strength building (MSTN), joint strength and flexibility (COL5a1), inflammation (CRP), exercise recovery (IL-6), muscle mass (VDR), and more. DNA Kit includes easy-to-follow instructions, cheek swab, and prepaid return envelope. Register online or download Orig3n’s LifeProfile app and receive a personalized, in-depth report in 2-3 weeks about your unique fitness genetic profile. We never share, sell, or use your genetic information for any reason. We believe you should be in control of how your genetic information is used – that’s why we take every step to protect your DNA. We process samples directly in our own CLIA Certified lab and we send results directly back to you.
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  • PeeBuddy PregRx Pregnancy Test Kit, HCG UV Sterlized Strips Integrated into The Funnel - Just Pee and See | No Dropper or Container Required - 3 Test Strips for Reliable and Quick Early Detection
    JUST STAND & PEE CHECK YOUR PREGNANCY: World's First Integrated Funnel for Testing Pregnancy at home by Just Standing and Pee. No container, dropper or cassette Required, Just Stand & Pee and Check your Pregnancy. RELIABLE RESULTS -PeeBuddy PregRx Pregnancy Test Strips provide a reliable test result with over 99% accuracy & gives you the security that you need. FAST: Instant Result (Within 90 seconds) Clear and Accurate Results Over 99%. EASY TO USE - With PeeBuddy PregRx Pregnancy Test Kit, you can perform the pregnancy test on your own with our just pee & see pregnancy test kit. CLEAR & ACCURATE RESULTS - These pregnancy test strips, made with bio-degradable Paper are sufficiently sensitive to detect HCG levels. Our test kits have 99% accuracy rate.
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  • Lysun Multi-Monitoring System Uric Acid and Glucose 2-in-1 Kit with Full Strips Included
    Lysun Multi-monitoring System Uric Acid and Glucose 2-in-1 meter kit with full strips inside.Please check the instructions video in the listing to help you. Kit includes:1 Meter 2in1,25 Uric acid strips,25 Glucose strips,50 Lancets,Lancing device,user manual Soft case but NO BATTERY is included. IMPORTANT DONT MIX CHIP CODES ALWAYS MATCH THEM CORRECTLY TO HAVE ACCURATE RESULTS Test Strips are Sensitive to Temperature. Strips should be stored between 39° F and 86° F, and should not be exposed to heat, direct sunlight, or freezing temperatures. If inconsistent results are received when performing back-to-back testing, this is an indication that your test strips have gone bad due to improper storage conditions. Please watch the Operations instructions video for Accu-Answer meter in listing.Uric Acid Levels Naturally Fluctuate Throughout the Day. Food, hydration, body temperature, and physical activity all affect uric acid readings. For consistency (and to track levels over time), we recommend testing first thing in the morning before eating or drinking.
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  • Cito Test HCV Rapid Test for The Determination of Hepatitis C antibodies
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  • Natural Testosterone Booster & Male Enhancement Supplement -Huge Sale- w/Tribulus,Tongkat Ali, Maca & Arginine – Promotes Increased Energy, Stamina, Weight Loss Aid & Muscle Growth -60ct
    ✅ ALL NATURAL TEST BOOSTER FOR OPTIMAL PHYSICAL PERFORMANCE – Our Ultra Male XL testosterone booster helps increase natural testosterone levels in your body for peak performance. Revitalize and restore your body to its natural testosterone levels with our all natural formula. ✅ INCREASED ENERGY & STAMINA - Start feeling like a younger you! Our blend of all natural ingredients help increase energy and stamina so you can feel better, longer! ✅ FORMULATED TO HELP YOU GROW - One of the most important factors to building muscle, maintaining a healthy testosterone level can help promote muscle growth and recover faster from those grueling workouts. ✅ IMPROVE SEXUAL HEALTH – Most men will begin to experience decreasing testosterone levels after age 30, our all natural formula will help increase libido and improve your overall sexual health. ✅ QUALITY YOU CAN TRUST: 100% 30 Day Money Back Guarantee – MADE IN THE USA in GMP Certified Facility, NON-GMO, GLUTEN FREE, NO Artificial Flavors, Preservatives, Colors or Sweeteners
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  • PRO Test - Natural Testosterone Boosting Supplement for Men, Muscle Building, Strength, Libido | Potent Booster for Growth, Reduce Estrogen and Boost Energy w/KSM 66| 90 ct
    It’s no secret that testosterone is responsible for dozens of processes in the male body, most of which affect your mood, muscle growth, and overall drive. By taking control of testosterone production, you may avoid symptoms like decreased sex drive, extreme fatigue, mood changes, poor memory and brain function, infertility, and decreased muscle mass due to low testosterone levels. MANUFACTURED IN FDA REGISTERED FACILITY. Unlike 99% of every supplement company in the world. We manufacture our own products to secure the integrity of each supplement. The sad fact is most companies never test their products nor know exactly what is in it. NOT GOOD. Our business model allows us to use the HIGHEST GRADE natural building muscle building ingredients from all over the world inside PRO TEST to make it the best T booster supplement for men looking for the best testosterone boost.* 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: All Results Driven Nutrition supplements are developed with high levels of scrutiny, and proudly manufactured in-house in the United States. Results Driven Nutrition sales by Amazon are backed by a 30-day, full money-back guarantee.
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  • AHD Test Booster by BPI Sports - Testosterone Boosting Supplement (28 Servings)-Fruit Punch
    -Supports increased testosterone production -Harder Leaner more dry looking physique -Androgenic estrogenic modulator -Minimize estrogen activity -28 servings
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