2020: Multiply training on long distance Where to buy ?

  • AYNEFY Vertical Climber, Exercise Climbing Machine Heavy Duty Adjustable Foldable Full Body Workout Training Equipment Home Gym Tool with LCD Display for Women Men, 29.1 x 37.4 x 53.1-81.5 inch
    ❤【Total Body Workout】This climbing machine can help you exercise at home when you don't have time to gym, it can develop your shoulders, back, arms, abs, and much more. Multi-functional and practical for fitness lovers ❤【5 Adjustable Height】The adjustable height range of this climbing machine is 53.1-81.5inch, you can adjust it according to your sports situation ❤【MAX Load Capacity: 150 KG】The vertical climber is constructed with high strength steel material, very heavy duty, tested to work perfectly up to 150 KG ❤【LCD Display】The LCD monitor will record your vertical climber workout time, counts and calorie, easy to check the workout data ❤【Folding Exercise Equipment】Our climber can be folded and put against wall, you can put the vertical climber in the corner or closet when not used. It's space-saving. Suitable for home, office, etc
  • Essential Planter, Thank You Gift for Teachers, Frontline Workers, Employee Appreciation
  • Building Blocks : Team Building Card Game for Work - Conversation Starters & Ice Breakers to Get to Know Your Coworkers - Office Activities & Training Tool
    BUILD TRUST, BUILD A TEAM: 101 questions to help form closer relationships, better communication and remove personal barriers in teamwork. Pick a card. Take turns answering. Get to know each other. Play on ZOOM calls and keep the team close! 6 WAYS TO CONNECT & SPARK DISCUSSION: Our deck of cards is divided in 6 categories to make sure every aspect of life is approached: Personal, Team, Education, Hobby, Future and Scenarios. You can either focus on one category you wish to deepen with the people around you, or mix them all. FUN & EFFECTIVE TOOL FOR TEAM ENGAGEMENT: Whether you’re management, HR, or just want to get a stronger relationship with coworkers, friends & family, our card game will help you take things to the next level. Ideal for managers, program directors, facilitators, project directors, team leaders, teachers, instructors, etc. TEAM BUILDING ACTIVITIES FOR ALL OCCASIONS: With a practical format, you can play anytime, anywhere. Great for meetings, workshops, retreats and get-togethers; there’s never a bad time to strengthen bonds between coworkers, friends, and family.
  • Infinite Power fit Medicine Wall Ball ,Medicine Ball ,Personal Training ,Cross Training, core Training (Grey/Black, 18lb)
    * totally 11 different levels from light 2lb to heavy 22lb for men and women *Dural rubber material with tire texture make your exercise more efficiency,non-slip and easy to grap *With high quality rubber material, the ball is longline to withstand pressure and bounce off hard ground *Good to both gym or home personal training, and more options for bodybuilding,aerobics and other exercise *Unique color for each size, easy to find different levels fitness training
    46,99 $
  • TOPOINT Practice Stainless Steel Training Tool for Boys or Girls with All Stell 100% Safety Strong and Durable
    √Material: Stainless steel material,gives high hardness and abrasive resistance. √No sharp edges, no offensive blade, You can practice without harmful; with clip on handle for convenient taking. √Total Length: 24.5cm /9.6", Folded lenght:14cm / 5.5", Handle lenght:14cm / 5.5". √Comfortable handle with balance holes gives strong feeling in hand. √Safe, high quality, metal handle and strong feeling in hand, the handle with balance holes make sure you can flip it smoothly.
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  • Stack 52 Flexibility Exercise Cards. Learn Static and Dynamic Stretches. Video Instructions Included. Perfect for Workout Warm Ups and Cooling Down. Increase Joint Range of Motion. (Updated Deck)
    NEW FOR 2019: We kept everything our customers love about Flexibility Stack 52 and improved it based on their feedback. The cards are 50% larger. The font is larger and easier to read. The illustrations are larger. The new design is beautiful and fun. CONTAINS: 52 of the most effective dynamic and static stretching exercises on large suited and numbered playing cards. Perfect for pre-workout warm up and post-workout cool down. No additional equipment is needed. IMPROVE FLEXIBLITY SAFELY: No planning or preparation. Shuffle the deck and deal yourself a stretching routine or play a Flexibility Stack 52 card game. Visit our website for free game ideas or modify your favorite card game into a stretching program! EASIEST WAY TO LEARN STRETCHING EXERCISES: Each card has a diagram and description that explains how to perform the stretch. Scan the QR code with a smartphone or tablet to watch a quick video demonstration of the stretch. FUN & MOTIVATING: Games and competition make stretching fun! Play by yourself or compete with your friends! No more boredom. There are 52 different stretches and endless game possibilities.
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  • AUEAR, Practice Butterfly Trainer Stainless Steel Not Sharp for Beginner Safe Training Tool
    Package Inculded:1 x High quanlity practice butterfly trainer Size:Folding size: 4.52 inch / 11.5 cm , expanding size: 8.46 inch /21.5cm. Foldable design for easy carrying and storage Material: Not sharp,made of high quality stainless steel,low temperature processing, more delicate and durable structure Gift:Rainbow folding butterfly trainer is great to gift for your friendd or families. Feature: Stainless steel material, not real blade, it will not cause cuts,it will improve your skills
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  • Yinhing Brock String, Vision Convergence Training Tool Nearsightedness Correction Sight Focusing Training
    Made of quality beads and line, durable and convenient to use. Can be used for convergence insufficiency training, sports vision training and front sight focusing training. Can be used at home, very easy to operate. Effectively promote convergence to corrects nearsightedness and strabismus. Helps improve convergence insufficiency, as well as strength sight focusing.
    12,99 $
  • EarMaster 7 Professional - Ear Training, Sight-Singing, Rhythm Trainer
    MUSIC THEORY - Interactive music theory course for beginners to learn or freshen up all the core aspects of music theory EAR TRAINING - thousands of exercises to sharpen your listening skills and learn to sing, play, transcribe, and compose music by ear. SIGHT-SINGING - Learn to sing from musical scores using EarMaster' s voice input and real-time pitch recognition. JAZZ WORKSHOP - advanced jazz ear training and sight-singing courses covering jazz standards and swing rhythms. COMPLETE CUSTOMIZATION - take complete control of the software and configure your own exercises with hundreds of options available: voicing, Key, pitch range, cadences, time limits, etc. INCLUDES FREE UPDATE to Version 7.1 - See details in product description.
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  • Get Maximum Results from Your Powerforms Disks Using Powerforms Energy Healing Cards (13) Double Sided 4" x 6" for Enhanced Training
    ✔ EMPOWER HEALING - with clarity and understanding when you do any kind of healing work. Use the 4 Reference Cards when you "scan" or "sense" the energies you're healing: ~ Subtle Energy Bodies: Discover where the energy blocks are in the body-aura. ~ Vibe Scale: Shift energies that are too low or too high. ~ Timeline Healing: When the energy got stuck in time. ~ Family Tree: Who has the stuck energy pattern. ✔ ORGANIZE YOUR ENERGY AWARENESS using the diagrams on the cards. Use your intuition to sense energy blocks more easily. The cards, with the Powerforms plates, help you transform, uplift, and heal your world more effectively and precisely. Use the other Instruction Cards with the reference cards. The reference cards work together with the instruction cards. Take it slowly and gently and relax, because you can't do it "wrong." ~ Discover how to help yourself and others become more balanced ✔ HEALING DISCOVERIES – empowering areas for healing exploration with the Instruction Cards: ~ Emotional Patterns: Find the stuck emotions in the Subtle Energy Bodies. ~ DNA Spirals: Where is the DNA on the Vibe Scale – low, medium or high? Central Channel: Who in the Family Tree has blocked energy in their Central Channel? Chakra Layers: Where is the chakra on the Vibe Scale? Who in the Family Tree has blocked chakras? Where in the timeline did the chakra get stuck? ✔ USE THE POWERFORMS SWEEP to Clear room, Chakras, Meridians, Stagnant energy or to receive universal energy ✔ RELEASE Ancestor Trauma, ENHANCE Chakra Layer Healing, Cell, Molecules and Atom and EMOTIONAL CLEARING
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