2020: Preventing numb perineal Test & Prices

  • MAXOCAINE Hemp Oil Numbing Cream with 5% Lidocaine for Pain Relief. Max Strength and Unique Formula for Common Arthritis Pain, Muscle, Joint & Back Aches. Ideal for Body Piercings Tattoos and Waxing
    FAST-ACTING RELIEF - MAXOCAINE Lido-Hemp cream is a unique one of a kind formula that immediately starts relieving soreness upon contact. It blends pure hemp oil with 5% Lidocaine to provide powerful soothing pain relief almost instantly and without any harmful side effects. EXTRA STRONG FORMULA - Lido-Hemp cream has the maximum dose allowed by the USFDA for a non-prescription topical anesthetic. Enjoy the soothing and healing benefits of hemp oil and numbing pain relief with 5% Lidocaine in the all-in-one powerful pain relief cream. ALL-NATURAL INGREDIENTS - Our body pain reliever contains hemp seed oil, aloe vera, purified water, arnica montana, boswellia, MSM and all natural oils, essential vitamins and minerals. The cream based solution is easily absorbed by you skin. CALMING AND RELAXING - Not only it will help ease your pain associated with Arthritis, Back Aches, Bruises, Cramps, Joint Pains, Muscle Strains, Hemorrhoid, Local and Anorectal discomfort, it also helps relax your nerves and senses, helping you relax and sleep better at night
  • ReVIVOL-XR Plus | 5% Lidocaine + Soothing Aloe + Vitamin E, Fast-Acting Numbing Cream Ointment Topical | Skin Pain Relief | Non-Greasy | Hemorrhoid Treatment | Made in USA
    MADE IN USA w/ MAXIMUM STRENGTH 5% Lidocaine for Rapid Relief From Pain, Burning, and Itching: Experience FAST relief with our hemorrhoid treatment with 5% lidocaine. The powerful anesthetic alleviates burning, itching and pain associated with anorectal disorders. SOOTHING ALOE + VITAMIN E: Our hemorrhoid cream is made with cooling, soothing Aloe & Vitamin E that helps irritation so that you can go about your day without missing a step. RēVIVOL-XR is UNIQUE! It the Highest Approved OTC dose of 5% lidocaine topical local anesthetic permitted as a Non-Rx. Combined with Powerful Antioxidants such as Aloe and Vitamin E! ALLEVIATE FURTHER IRRITATION: General movement can exacerbate the pain associated with anal fissures and so many more issues. It is important to have your skin protected to heal. GET BACK TO YOUR NORMAL LIFE: We know how painful, embarrassing, and inconvenient a hemorrhoid flare up can be. Get back to normal - FAST - with ReVIVOL-XR hemorrhoid pain treatment.
  • HEMPORRHOID 5% Lidocaine Maximum Strength with Hemp Oil - Hemorrhoid Ointment Cream Topical Numbing - 1OZ - for Sections, Hemmoroid, Fissure Local and Anorectal Discomfort
    MAXIMUM STRENGTH PAIN RELIEF 5% LIDOCAINE WITH HEMP - Maximum dose for non-prescription anesthetic treatment. Combining a proprietary lidocaine with HEMP oil provides an extra degree of numbing and comfort allowing you to heal quicker. Great for different sections, hemorrhoid, local and anorectal pain. ENHANCED WITH HEMP OILS - HEMP oil is known for its pain relieving benefits. With our proprietary blend of maximum strength lidocaine and HEMP oil, the hemp can alleviate the swelling, itching, and pain as well relaxing the general area. At the same time the lidocaine will treat the hemmorhoid. FAST ACTING - With HEMPORRHOID, you don’t have to wait around for the medication to finally take effect. This anorectal cream hemmoroid cream works quickly and effectively to relieve the painful itching and burning sensations commonly associated with hemorrhoids and other anorectal disorders like warts and fissures. USA MADE WITH A 100% GUARANTEE - Our Hemroid Cream Proudly made in the USA in a FDA registered and GMP OTC compliant factory using only the highest quality and standards. We guarantee 100% satisfaction, if you are not 100% happy please reach out to us right away so that we can refund you right away. MARS WELLNESS GUARANTEE - Here at Mars Wellness we aim for complete satisfaction, if for any reason you are not satisfied please reach out to us right away so we can help.
  • Ebanel 2-Pack 5% Lidocaine Spray Maximum Strength, 4.8 Fl Oz Numbing Spray with 0.25% Phenylephrine, Topical Anesthetic Pain Relief Spray with Arginine, Allantoin, Secured with Child Resistant Cap
    MAXIMUM STRENGTH 5% LIDOCAINE NUMBING SPRAY - This topical anesthetic spray enhanced with 0.25% phenylephrine, temporarily relieves pain, itching, soreness, burning, reduces swelling, and protects irritated skin FAST-ACTING & LONG-LASTING - This topical skin numbing spray numbs in 2-3 minutes; peaks after 20-25 minutes; lasts for 1 hour from its peak EXTRA SOOTHING & HEALING FEATURES - Infused with Arginine, Allantoin, this topical lidocaine 5% pain spray soothes and protects the skin from irritations. Best for minor cuts, minor scrapes, minor burns, insect bites, anorectal disorders ODOR-FREE, OIL-FREE & NON-GREASY - Doctor recommended. Safe for all skin types. Water-based numb spray for easy, no-touch application MADE IN USA - Secured with Child-Resistant Cap, our products never tested on animals - Cruelty-Free, cGMP Certified, Hypoallergenic, no harsh chemicals, non-addictive
    34,99 $
  • terrasil Rapid Relief Feminine Care Vaginal Ointment for Fast Relief from Yeast Infections Itching and Dryness - 28 gram
    2X FASTER REDUCTION of fungus on average compared to leading brands NATURAL, ORGANIC INGREDIENTS mean that you don’t have to worry about harsh chemicals irritating your skin BACKED BY OVER 15 YEARS OF RESEARCH that combines patented active ingredients with soothing oils and minerals Good for vaginal itching, irritiation, odor, inflammation, soreness, dryness, excess discharge and burning
    24,95 $
  • Lido 5% Lidocaine Spray Max Strength Pain Relief. Topical Numbing Anesthetic 40ml (1.33 Fl Oz), 1.33 Fl Oz, Clear
    Max Strength Pain relief Spray, quickly numbs joint, back and muscle pain. Lidocaine 5% Spray soothes and protects skin from irritations. Non-greasy formula with no-touch application Spray enables you to spray in any angle you need. Dries quickly and it is hypoallergenic plus no harsh chemicals and non-addictive are used. Konicare works for most needs; tattoos, piercing, minor cuts and scrapes, itching, burning, insect bites, anorectal disorders, hemorrhoids, anal-rectal pain.
    9,99 $
  • Postpartum Perineal Healing Balm by Soothe Hers | All Natural Pain Relief for New Moms | 2 oz
    💟 100% ALL NATURAL ingredients to help heal your lady bits after birth. You and your lady bits have been though a lot-- relieve your discomforts with our 100% all natural perineal balm 💟 NATURALLY COOLING: Get the cooling relief you deserve without all the scary chemicals and fillers. 💟 PRENATAL AND POSTPARTUM CARE- Soothes and heals vaginal irritations, episiotomy pain, hemorrhoids and perineal soreness related to pregnancy and childbirth. 💟 NO CHEMICALS, FRAGRANCES OR DYES- Soothe Hers is committed to bringing new mamas recovery products you can trust. We use only the purest ingredients that are ethically sourced and produced. Benzocaine-free, petroleum free, NO parabens. 💟 MADE BY A MOM, FOR MOMS- Babies need a lot of attention, but Mamas need nurturing, too. Soothe and heal perineal skin irritations with our gentle, yet powerful blend of botanical extracts and nourishing oils.
    11,95 $
  • RectiCare Anorectal Lidocaine 5% Cream: Treatment for Hemorrhoids & Other Anorectal Disorders - 15g Tube
    TOPICAL ANESTHETIC: Contains lidocaine 5 percent local anesthetic that provides fast relief from pain and discomfort FAST ACTING: RectiCare is recommended by colon and rectal surgeons to help control painful symptoms HIGH STRENGTH: Uses the highest non-RX lidocaine strength to relieve pain, itching and burning FOR DAILY USE: Adults and children 12 years and older should apply a small amount up to 6x per day
    20,93 $
  • Thrive Perineal Ice Packs for Postpartum, Hemorrhoid Care & Pain Relief - 2 Hot & Cold Reusable Postpartum Ice Packs - Washable Cover - Postpartum & Hemorrhoid Cooling Must Haves
    Instant Pain Relief & Therapy - This perineum ice pack provides soothing treatment for areas such as the groin, bottom, pelvic, vaginal area and perenium. The reusable packs are freezable and perfect for post partum cooling. Versatile - Perineal ice packs is one of those postpartum care must haves. They are also perfect for pregnancy, post surgery care & recovery, period cramp, breast pain and irritation from hair removal and waxing. Ergonamic Design - the Thrive perineal ice pack is designed to fit seamlessly in your underwear just like disposable adhesive inserts or maxi pads. Other brands are usually rectangular and less comfortable. Portable & Hygenic - The removable cover is machine washable and the groin ice packs and covers can be easily and discretely transported in the included carry case. Flexible - The perineal cold pack contains both gel and gel beads which allows them to maintain the temperature for longer while remaining flexible when frozen. This makes them perfect as a pregnancy ice pack, perineal cold pack postpartum or as a hemorrhoid ice pack.
    15,95 $
  • RectaSmoothe Lidocaine 5% Hemorrhoidal Anesthetic Cream, Fast Pain Relief for Hemorrhoids and Other Anorectal Disorders 1 oz. Tube
    Lidocaine 5% Is the Highest Strength Available Without a Prescription. Pain Relief for Hemorrhoids & Other Anorectal Disorders. Includes (10) Finger Cots for Hygienic Application Fast Acting, Long Acting, Pain Erasing Topical Anesthetic. None Greasy Cream Base. Made in U.S.A.
    14,54 $