2020: Shielding discomfort saddle sore Customer Survey

  • Total EMF Shield - EMF Home & Business Protection (Triple Coil)
    This Triple-Coil Total Shield Unit will cover 34,641 square feet Perfect for Small Businesses and Larger Homes.... Best Placed in a Central Location Dimensions: 9.5" x 4.5" Weight: 2.5 Pounds
  • BlocWave Flexibloc EMF Protection Womens Hoodie. RF Shielding Anti-Radiation emf protection clothing. EMF Blocker (Large) Dark Grey
    EMF PROTECTION. Guards your body against EMF’s whilst remaining stylish. Allows you to protect on the go whilst remaining inconspicuous. 99% SHIELDING EFFICIENCY. With up to 43dB of shielding efficiency you can rest assured that this hoodie is protecting you. PROTECTS AGAINST WIFI & CELLPHONE RADIATION. Proven protection against the radiation given off my WiFi, cellphones and other wireless devices. MADE IN THE UK. Made from high quality fabrics in the UK. We have been working in the field of EMF's and actively developing products since 2004. WASHABLE. This hoodie can be washed on a gentle cycle up to 30 times without losing any shielding efficiency. It can be washed many more times after that but will begin to lose some of the shielding.
  • Blocanopy EMF Protection Anti Radiation Naturell Dome EMF Shielding Canopy (Cal King 84" x 72")
    PROTECT your BODY from CELL TOWER RADIATION Completely NATURAL EMF shielding for you and your FAMILY Reduce high frequency from wifi, cell towers, DECT, smart meters and more Can be sewn and washed on low heat - Extremely breathable ideal for hot climates Goodbye SLEEPLESS nights
  • LOOGOOL EMF Protection Fabric - Shielding RF & LF Electromagnetic Fields Anti Radiation Copper Fabric Blocking, Black 39"x43"
    ❖ Surface resistance is 0.03-0.05 ohm/sq, Shielded frequency band: 10MHz-10GHz, Shielding effectiveness db ≥ 65db. ❖ CONDUCTIVE FABRIC to block and diminishing Wifi /Cell Phone and RF Signals - Absorb electromagnetic fields and waves as known as EMF, from devices and outlets. Excellent for absorbing radiation from smart meters and other EMF sources ❖ Easy to cut and sew for EMP protection,1 yard fabric is long enough to cut as needed , cell phone signal blocking, EMI radiation reduction, wireless meter shielding ❖ Application: EMF protection fabric can make radiation protection clothing, windows, mobile phone bags, computer host cover, touch screen gloves, shielding tents and so on. ❖ Size: Length 39" (1M), width 43" (1.1M), thickness 0.1mm. Operating temperature -4 ℃ ~ 85 ℃
    18,99 $
  • Proven EMF Protection & EMF Shielding Against Electric Fields | ADR Mat Size XL
    ADR MAT is a low frequency electric field screen protecting from EMF radiation It works by shielding against and absorbing electric fields, therefore minimizing their effect on the human body This EMF screen involves use of the distributed water electric field absorption in the dielectric screening material. The absorbed energy is changed into hea The average screening efficiency of the ADR MAT against the external sources of electric fields, determined in optimum screening conditions, amounts to ~30 dB within the frequency range from 1 Hz to 100 kHz ADR Mat for bed prevents the most common negative effects caused by electromagnetic: sleeping disorders (and their numerous consequences), bad moods, chronic tiredness, headaches, disturbances of the nervous system (e.g. irritability, dissociation).
    149,00 $
  • 3M Protecta Construction Style Positioning Harness 1161309, Black, Medium/Large, 1 EA
    Replaces Manufacturer Part Number 1191209 Fixed D-ring reduces the need for readjustment throughout the workday Specifically designed for added comfort Moisture-wicking, breathable back padding with soft edging for added comfort
    97,25 $
  • Medline 6MSV513 MediGuard Vinyl Synthetic Exam Gloves, Latex Free, 9" Length, Large, Clear (Pack of 1500)
    Mudguard Synthetic Exam Glove are a cost-effective alternative that's perfect for general patient care New technology has improved the tactile sensitivity and durability of these quality latex- and powder-free gloves 150 Gloves/Box; 10 Boxes/Case MediGuard Select Synthetic Exam Glove are a cost-effective alternative that's perfect for general patient care New technology has improved the tactile sensitivity and durability of these quality latex- and powder-free gloves Perfect for general patient care
    221,24 $
  • Burn Proof Gear Rail-Rap Heavy Hand Guard Protective Heat Shield (Black)
    90,00 $
  • ProGuard Leaded Surgical Radiation Attenuation Gloves - Powder & Latex Free, Disposable (7.5, RR2)
    Ideal for high radiation exposure procedures requiring advanced tactile sensitivity. Anatomically correct finger curvature Hypoallergenic ProGuard gloves are made with premium, pure lead oxide for maximum protection against x-ray 1 Box contains 5 pairs of gloves.
    185,00 $
  • MAGNETIC SHIELDING FLEXIBLE FILM - GIRON | 25.5" Wide X 1 Linear Foot Long Shield Protects from Magnetic Fields
    GIRON shield people and equipment (data centers & EMF sensitive hardware) from magnetic fields GIRON works with an extremely broad frequency range 0-10,000 Hz GIRON is a woven laminated shielding material GIRON is best performance product: Initial permeability: 500 Relative permeability: 7000, Saturation induction: 2.0 T. SOLD per LINEAR FOOT.
    64,99 $