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  • Yoni Steam Seat for Toilet | Sitz Bath Tub for Vaginal Steaming and Soaking | Postpartum and Hemorrhoids Care
    ✅ IN-HOME YONI STEAMING & SITZ BATH SOAKING: Fivona seat has multipurpose applications. Right from the comfort of your home you can have yoni steaming or sitz bath soaking procedure done quick and easy. Also, the seat is an awesome way to increase daily hygiene by using it as portable bidet ✅ EFFECTIVE WAY TO RELIEF, HEAL, SOOTHE OR RELAX: Yoni soaking and steaming is an awesome for daily use just to relax or simply do some preventive care procedures. It is also helping to soothe and speed up healing after vaginal delivery, perineal area surgery as well as pain relief from hemorrhoids, itching and inflammation ✅ DESIGN MADE WITH CARE IN MIND: Fivona sitz bath basin has multiple smart engineering solutions to make your steaming and soaking experience pleasant and as convenient as possible. Contoured design repeats your body shape so you can enjoy your procedure as long as needed, ability to fold make is space saver for storing, back and front vents prevent overflows and make it easy to drain ✅ HIGHT QUALITY MATERIALS FOR DAILY USE: It is recommended to take a sitz bath a few times a day that is why quality materials for long listing product service is important part which Fivona took care of while creating and designing this seat. The toilet bowl made of high quality plastic and durable silicone for foldable part. The seat fits 99% of all toilet shapes and sizes ✅ GUARANTEED SATISFACTION AND CARE YOU CAN RELY ON: Fivona is a US based brand and stands behind its product quality and customer satisfaction. If you are not 100% satisfied with the product for any reason please feel free to contact us and we will issue a full refund. We are also happy to assist you with any product problems you may incur
  • Coliform Bacteria Test Kit for Drinking Water - Easy to Use 48-Hour Water Quality Testing Kit for Home Tap & Well Water | EPA Approved Testing Method | Made in The USA | Incl. E Coli | 2-Pack
    ☑️ GET COMPLETE PEACE OF MIND - Wells can easily become contaminated, putting you and your family at risk of illness. The only way to truly know your water is safe to drink, is of course through regular testing. ☑️ GET RESULTS AT HOME IN 48 HOURS - Just follow the simple instructions and you’ll have the test set up in minutes. You can then find out if your water contains coliform bacteria (including E. coli) within 48 hours. ☑️ EPA-APPROVED QUALITY STANDARDS - If you use a private well, your water is not regulated by the EPA. With this test, though, you can check for bacteria according to official EPA standards, using a testing method they approve of. ☑️ NO MAILING OR INSPECTIONS NEEDED - This test kit allows you to test at home, saving you the time, hassle, and money that other testing methods involve. Sending off to a lab to test can even cost upwards of 5 times the price. ☑️ ALL YOUR QUESTIONS ANSWERED - You can always count on our team of water-testing experts, with more than 30 years of industry experience. If you have any questions at all, you’re more than welcome to fire away. We’re here to help!
  • Probiotics for Women Vaginal-Urinary-Health - Support Feminine & Digestive Health with D-Mannose, Organic Prebiotic Fiber, Vegan, Gluten, Dairy & Soy Free 60 Capsules
    FOR WOMEN'S SPECIFIC HEALTH NEEDS: ZEBORA women's probiotic contains D-mannose that support the urinary tract health and pH, help eliminate UTIs. Specially formulated patented Quatreflora Biotic (Patent No:WO2014009656) to help maintain yeast balance and vaginal health, you may leave that pain, discomfort and odor in the past. PROBIOTICS AND ENZYMES WITH PREBIOTICS: With the help of clinically proven digestive enzymes, our vegan probiotics support healthy stomach balance, digestive and immune system, say goodbye to bloating, occasional gas, constipation and acid reflux. Serving as food to our no refrigeration required womens probiotic, prebiotics help to nourish good bacteria to grow and flourish in the gut. DR. FORMULATED: Our effectively blend formulated by those outstanding scientists in Harvard Medical School and the doctors from Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Massachusetts General Hospital. SAFE, SHELF STABLE & ARRIVE ALIVE : Women's Probiotic uses advanced triple-layer veggie capsules that protects probiotics from heat, air, moisture and harsh stomach acid to maximize survival and delivery to the intestine. Small and easy to swallow probiotics capsules also SAFE FOR PREGNANT WOMEN (Inform a healthcare professional before starting any dietary supplement). RISK FREE GUARANTEE: Our no refrigeration probiotic supplement for women made under GMP-certified standards. All ingredients are vegan, free of gluten, soy, dairy, wheat, non-GMO, artificial colors or preservatives. Each batch is third-party tested for quality, purity and potency. Your satisfaction is guaranteed or we’ll refund your purchase.
  • Postpartum Essentials Care Kit - Peri Bottle, Sitz Bath Soak & Perineal Ice Packs for Postpartum Care
    🌺 Perfect Postpartum Essentials! - Including our three best selling Postpartum Products - Ninja Mama Peri Bottle, Sitz Bath Soak and Pack of 2 Perineal Ice Pack sThe ideal combination for new Mamas to help you through those uncomfortable days and weeks after childbirth. 🌺 Peri Bottle - A SOOTHING SPRITZ FOR YOUR LADYBITS! Get gentle, soothing post partum perineal relief with our 15oz portable BPA and phalate free peri bottle with perfectly angled 7 inch spout giving you targeted relief during those uncomfortable days and weeks after childbirth. 🌺 Sitz Bath Soak - A SOOTHING SITZ FOR YOUR LADYBITS! - Get soothing relief from perineal and haemorrhoid pain and discomfort after childbirth with our brand new product, a 100% natural new mama sitz bath soak. 🌺 Perinal Ice Packs For Postpartum - SOOTHING & COOLING - Get soothing post partum perineal relief with our brand new product, a pack of 2 premium reusable perineal ice/heat gel bead packs with 4 washable sleeves. Measuring 12 inches in length for maximum coverage and comfort, our gel bead packs are BPA and Phthalate free and are safe to use during pregnancy and nursing. 🌺 With its cute bright pink colors and gorgeous packaging, our Postpartum Essentials Kit is the perfect gift for that new mama or mama to be. Give as a baby shower gift or send as a thoughtful gift to a new mama.
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  • Set of 10 Sitz Bath Toilet Seats for Hemorrhoid Treatment | Postpartum Essentials Care | Yoni Steam Seat | Unisex Universal Fit by Fivona
    💧 Wholesale set of 10 seats - Temperature Resistant Hight-Quality Materials - Fivona over the toilet seat made of hight-quality temperature resistant materials which makes it suitable for hot and cold soaking and well as v-steaming 💧 Unisex Fits any Toilet Shape and Body Size - The seat is good for woman as well as for man soak and steaming procedures. Suitable for all body sizes and applicable for the most of home toilets 💧 Relief from Hemorrhoids, Inflammation & Irritation - Perineum soaking using sitz bath basin provides you with instant pain relief from many unpleasant conditions caused by hemorrhoids, infection, post-surgery and much more 💧 Postpartum Essentials for Recovery – Sitz bath seat in conjunction with just a warm water is an awesome way to speed up healing process after vaginal delivery. Epsom salt can be a great addition to enhance soaking experience 💧 Sitz Bath Soak, Yoni Steam & Portable Bidet - The seat can be used in many different ways such as soaking, yoni and vaginal steaming and even portable bidet to increase your personal hygiene during daily routine
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  • Hemorrhoid Cushion Donut Pillow Memory Foam Luxury Seat Doughnut for Hemroid Prostate Bed Sores Coccyx Postpartum Pregnancy Perineal Sciatica Tailbone Hemmoroid Pain Pressure Relief
    🍑 Customers highly recommend this pillow because it is VERY COMFORTABLE TO SIT ON. The 17 x 20 x 3 inch cushion is perfect for YOU, YOUR HUSBAND, WIFE, ELDERY MOM AND DAD, OR IN-LAW. 🍑 Donut pillow with thigh support. SIT FOR LONG PERIODS without pain in your back, legs, thighs, tailbone, coccyx, pelvis, or perineum. 🍑 Are you IN A LOT OF PAIN? This supportive foam has a back indent and 3.5 x 8 inch hole to TAKE PRESSURE OFF your butt and tailbone. Relieves pain due to bed sores, post-partum pregnancy, hemorrhoids, prostatitis, or sciatica. 🍑 After looking around, many people finally DECIDE TO BUY THIS CUSHION. The black mesh cover hides the hole in the pillow so you can use it discreetly. No one needs to know you have hemorrhoids or other health issues. 🍑 Anti-slip, machine-washable cover. The pillow won't slide off chairs, car seats, and wheelchairs. Sit down and get up SAFELY with few adjustments. Clean the foam with a wet cloth.
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  • Daily Remedy 3-in-1 Sitz Soak Kit - Includes: Sitz Bath Toilet Seat, Sitz Soak Salts & Hemorrhoid Cream - Perineal Soaking Bath Basin Kit For Postpartum Care, Vaginal Steaming & Anal Irritation Relief
    THE MOST COMPLETE SENSITIVE AREA HYGIENE KIT AVAILABLE: Whether you’re a new mother looking for postpartum recovery, or you’re suffering from any kind of discomfort in the perineal, vaginal, or anal area, sitz baths and soaks are your best bet for quick and effective relief. This Daily Remedy complete sitz bath includes a sitz bath toilet seat, all-natural sitz bath Epsom salts, and our HemoX Hemorrhoid & anal fissure balm. A MUST HAVE TENDER POSTPARTUM CARE KIT FOR EVERY NEW MOM: Specially designed to provide a comfortable and rejuvenating experience, our sitz bath over-the-toilet seat, all-natural salts, and HemoX balm helps heal bruising around episiotomy stitches and provides relief and relaxation to the surrounding perineal muscles. That way your post-birth recuperations becomes faster, easier, and more comfortable. FREE YOURSELF FROM PERINEAL AREA PAINS & DISCOMFORT: Using this sitz bath toilet seat for soaks and steaming is a great way to alleviate the symptoms of hemorrhoids, anal fissures, perineal tears, itching, skin irritations, fungal infections, and more. What’s more, our HemoX balm’s highly effective natural relief formula will allow you to comfortably sit, walk, and go about your daily routine in no time. NATURE’S SOLUTION TO SENSITIVE AREA HEALTH & HYGIENE: The secret behind HemoX hemorrhoid treatment balm and our sitz bath salts is actually no secret at all. We make a point of using a wide array of safe, organic essential oils and herbal extracts, and no harsh or potentially harmful ingredients. With Daily Remedy, you can beat all those annoying and painful symptoms in a 100% natural way. Plus, it works wonders vaginial steaming kit! 100% GUARANTEED QUALITY YOU CAN ACTUALLY TRUST: When it comes to the health and wellbeing of the thousands of people that put their trust in our products, we at Daily Remedy are all about results. Our Complete hemmoroid removal kit comes with an unconditional 30-day Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee, you can forget all your worries, order today, and finally be free of pain and discomfort!
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  • Premium Quality Foldable Sitz Bath Seat for Soak and Yoni Steam | Ideal for Postpartum Care and Hemorrhoids Treatment | Perineal Soaking and V Steaming | Anti Spill Expandable Design | Universal Fit
    ✔️ RELIEVE SOOTHE AND RELAX – Reduce pain, soothe inflammation, bring down etching, heal hemorrhoids and tears, improve hygiene or simply get a relaxing yoni steaming at the comfort of your home ✔️ TEMPERATURE RESISTANT HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS – Fivona toilet seat made of temperature resistant premium quality materials and it is good enough for cold as well hot soaking and steaming procedures on daily basis ✔️ SPACE SAVER FOLDABLE DSIGN – Due to its foldable design the seat will not take too much of your toilet’s space to store while it is not in use. Simply expand the middle part before use and fold it back when it is ready for storage ✔️ UNIVERSAL TOILET AND BODY FIT – The seat is designed to fit most of the standard toilets bowl shapes such as elongated, round and ovals. It is also good fit for most of the body sizes. Fivona made It unisex product so it can be used by man and women ✔️ MULTIPURPOSE APPLICATION – Having Fivona seat handy at home provides you with lots of ways to relieve and relax. It can be used for sitz bath soaking procedures, yoni and vaginal steaming as well as portable bidet in order to improve your daily routine
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  • Sitz Bath for Toliet Seat with Flusher for Hemorrhoids and Perineum Care
    〖Foldable Sitz Bath 〗:This sitz bath with flusher could be hang onto the wall with hook design, more space saving when not in use , dry and clean quickly, so it won't bring the bacteria.Dimensions - 15"(L) x 14(W) x 5"(H), suitable for most toilets. 〖Premium Material〗: Made from premium pp material and TPR, which is eco-friendly, odorless, high temperature resistant, non-deform, safe and easy to clean. 〖Anti-spilling hole〗: Sitz Bath for hemorrhoid has wide, contoured edges to provide added comfort. It features vents in the bowl to help prevent accidental overflow. 〖Personal Heathy〗: Sitz bath is mainly used for cleaning or transpiration of the private part. It is suitable for pregnant, lying-in women and hemorrhoid patients. It can also be used with sit bath salt to make yourself more comfortable. 〖Service Guarantee〗:If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us and we will help you deal with it asap. So why don't you try it, and get the comfort.
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  • Thrive Perineal Ice Packs for Postpartum, Hemorrhoid Care & Pain Relief - 2 Hot & Cold Reusable Postpartum Ice Packs - Washable Cover - Postpartum & Hemorrhoid Cooling Must Haves
    Instant Pain Relief & Therapy - This perineum ice pack provides soothing treatment for areas such as the groin, bottom, pelvic, vaginal area and perenium. The reusable packs are freezable and perfect for post partum cooling. Versatile - Perineal ice packs is one of those postpartum care must haves. They are also perfect for pregnancy, post surgery care & recovery, period cramp, breast pain and irritation from hair removal and waxing. Ergonamic Design - the Thrive perineal ice pack is designed to fit seamlessly in your underwear just like disposable adhesive inserts or maxi pads. Other brands are usually rectangular and less comfortable. Portable & Hygenic - The removable cover is machine washable and the groin ice packs and covers can be easily and discretely transported in the included carry case. Flexible - The perineal cold pack contains both gel and gel beads which allows them to maintain the temperature for longer while remaining flexible when frozen. This makes them perfect as a pregnancy ice pack, perineal cold pack postpartum or as a hemorrhoid ice pack.
    15,95 $