Best buy: Strava supported sensors Evaluation

  • RideTech 30400035 Height Sensor Upgrade 4 Height Sensor
    Made in United States Package dimensions :27.0 " (H) x 27.0 " (L) x 13.0 " (W) Package Weight :12.0 lbs Product type :AUTO PART
  • the Real & Original Pulse Sensor plug-in for your project.
    This is the Original and the Best! Accept no alternatives. The Pulse Sensor Kit included everything you need for a smooth experience. This Kit Includes: Soft braided-wire ribbon cable. Great for wearables! An Ear Clip that's perfectly sized to the sensor. A Velcro Finger Strap, just like the pro's. Transparent Vinyl Dots, which make electrical insulation simple.
  • Wireless Driveway Alarm, Motion Detector, Outdoor Motion Sensor Weather Resistant (1 Black Sensor Only)
    ✔ Protect Your Family & Property - With Wireless Driveway Alarm, be alerted the moment visitors, vehicles, or even potential intruders enter your property lines, driveway, front porch, gate, shed, walkways and garage. Also great for being alerted if your kids get to close to the swimming pool or areas they shouldn’t go. Each sensor can be placed up to 1000ft/300m away from the receiver (depending on obstacles and environment). ✔ Fully Customizable and Expandable - Create up to four unique detection zones with 4 sensors each, meaning up to 16 total sensors per receiver protecting your property. LED lights on the receiver indicate which sensor zone has detected movement so you can act quickly. THE ALARM SOUND OF THE 4TH ZONE CAN BE CUSTOMIZED FROM AMONG 36 AVAILABLE MELODIES. If you need custom ringtones, please install the PIR sensor in the 4th zone. ✔ Avoid False Alarms with Adjustable Sensor Windows - Rotate the cap on the PIR (Passive Infrared) sensor to adjust its detection angle between 30°, 45°, and 60°. Proper adjustment can help avoid false alarms from passing cars, small animals, or even leaves in the wind. Our sensor uses Passive Infrared Technology to pick up motion AND heat, meaning dead leaves won’t activate it. ✔ Super Easy to Install & Diy - Takes only a few minutes to set up. The recommended installation height for the PIR sensor is 3.3-4.9ft(1.0-1.5m). The PIR sensor detecting distance is 16.4-26.2ft(5-8m). Install the PIR sensor in key monitoring areas such as the entrance to a garage, store, or house. Please kindly install the sensor 3-4 feet off the ground, which can keep wind and many small animals from triggering the sensor. ✔ Excellent Quality - The PIR sensor is made of double waterproof/weatherproof material rated IP65 and has been extensively tested in extreme weather. Suitable for both outdoor and indoor use. Note: Package Includes 1 x Receiver, 2 x PIR Sensors, 2 x Base for PIR Sensor Installation, 8 x Wall Plugs, 8 x Screws, 1 x Screwdriver, 1 x Instruction Manual.
  • Tragoods Heart Rate Monitor Sensor for Arduino, Pulse Sensor Plug-in for Arduino, Pulse Sensor Pulsesensor Sensor Module
    ❤ The Tragoods Pulse Sensor is a heart rate sensor designed for Arduino microcontrollers.Development professionals use. ❤The Pulse Sensor Kit brings you all the experience you need, a complete package. ❤The kit includes: A 24inch 3p DuPont line, A soft Velcro Finger Strap, A sensor size sensor ear clip, 4 Velcro dots and 9 transparent protective dot ❤Pulse Sensor is a well-designed plug-and-play heart-rate sensor for Arduino. Support a variety of development boards, such as Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Particle, littleBits, micro:bit etc ❤This is an open source product. The website provides the corresponding open source arduino program and Processing program. graphs your pulse in real time.
    16,99 $ 17,99 $ -6%
  • MEILAN C1 Cycling Speed and Cadence Sensor, Bluetooth/ANT + Wireless Bike Sensor
    【Speed & Cadence Dual Mode】Easy to switch the mode between speed and cadence, the white light indicates cadence sensor and green light indicates speed sensor. Attention: ONE SENSOR can ONLY select ONE MODE (Speed or Cadence) at the one time. 【ANT+ & Bluetooth 4.0】Suitable for Meilan bike computer and other most smart phones/Bike computers, Please confirm the compatibility of the smart devices/apps you use before purchasing. When connect with Garmin’s device, please select ANT+ connection. 【Lightweight & Easy Installation】No magnet needed as traditional sensors. Easily install the sensor to your bike with the included rubber-elastic rings (Two sizes). Compact size: 1.14*0.47*0.35 inch, weight only 0.03lb, not increase the burden of riding. 【Attention】ANT+ mode connection display name: Type icon-number (number on product back); Bluetooth mode connection display name: Type icon-Meilan-SPD. When the device only support one single mode connection, please select the correct connection mode. 【What we Provide】Six-month warranty and professional after-sale service. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions before or after ordering and we always help you.
    19,99 $
  • Raynon WiFi Home Security System Base Kit, Alarm, Door Sensor, PIR Sensor, Remote Control
    Easy Setup. No Monthly Fee. Home & Office Security Alarm System. Raynon Home Security System Base Kit Include: One Base Hub (function as alarm), Two Contact Sensors, One PIR Sensor, and Two Remote Controls. Additional Sensors Available, 24 Max Sensors Supported Please Search for "Raynon" On Android Devices, or "Tuya Smart" On IOS Devices For Free App Associated With Our System 2.4 GHz Wifi Network Required. Our system currently do not support 5GHz Wifi Network Please Send Tech Support Questions To:
    32,99 $
  • Pressure Sensor, SF15-150 Resistance-Type Thin Film Pressure Sensor Force Sensor,for Off-Bed Monitoring,Sleep Monitoring, Electronic Shelf
    The flexible sensor has the characteristics of flexible ultra-thin, and extreme speed response, etc. Waterproof and pressure sensitive dual function. This pressure sensor has the characteristic of high stability, and long service life. Highly sensitive flexible nanometer materials can realize highly sensitive detection of pressure. Application: off-bed monitoring, intelligent breathing belt, sleep monitoring, electronic shelf.
    13,39 $
  • ZENITHIKE 13675 SG1857 upstream and downstream O2 Sensor A/F sensor Compatible for 2005-2006 for P-ontiac Montana 2005-2007 for B-uick Rendezvous 2005-2007 for B-uick Terraza
    Oxygen sensor Fits: 2005 for B-uick Century,2005-2007 for B-uick Rendezvous,2005-2007 for B-uick Terraza,2005-2009 for C-hevrolet Equinox,2005 for C-hevrolet Impala,2005 for C-hevrolet Monte Carlo,2005-2008 for C-hevrolet Uplander,2005 for C-hevrolet Venture,2005 for P-ontiac Aztek,2005-2006 for P-ontiac Montana,2006-2009 for P-ontiac Torrent,2005-2007 for S-aturn Relay Superior quality - Manufactured to the highest S-tandards, ZENITHIKE oxygen sensors are durable and resistant to oxidation and high temperatures, ensuring long-term stable performance ZENITHIKE O2 sensor function - Replacing your engine's oxygen sensor can improve engine performance and fuel economy, reduce harmful emissions, and prevent premature catalytic converter damage Install - These O2 Sensor sets are designed for quick and easy installation and perfect replacement Warm tips- Please check fitment and description for accurate information! And we ship from US warehouse.
    31,29 $
  • BH SENS 315MHz/433MHz Dual Band Universal Sensor - Metal Valve
    Huf Baolong Electronics (BH Sens) 315/433MHz Dual Band Universal Sensor/OE Quality (must be programmed prior to install) with metal valve Huf Baolong Electronics (BH Sens) IntelliSens Universal Sensor (must be programmed prior to install) will function exactly like the OE sensors and match the quality of the OE sensor being replaced. The IntelliSens sensors can now be updated with new application using a TPMS Tool (never without the most coverage). Programmable - Only take 3 seconds to configure to specific application. Supported by ATEQ, Matco, SnapOn, Mac Tools, Monster Tools, KTool, NAPA Tools, Bartec, OTC branded tools along with many others. Always up-to-date with the new programming function via the TPMS diagnostic tool Covers multiple applications with one OE equivalent sensor. With valve included.
    38,84 $
  • MAX30100 Heart Rate Oximeter Sensor Arduino Module, Arduino Pulse Oximeters Development Board Sensor Module for Wearable Health Fitness Assistant Devices Medical Monitoring Devi
    PROFESSIONAL HEART RATE OXIMETER MODULE -- Heart Rate click carries MAX30100 integrated pulse oximetry and heart-rate sensor OPTICAL SENSOR WITH TWO LEDs -- It's an optical sensor that derives its readings from emitting two wavelengths of light from two LEDs WORKING PRINCIPLE -- A red and an infrared one - then measuring the absorbance of pulsing blood through a photodetector MORE ACCURATE -- This particular LED color combination is optimized for reading the data through the tip of one's finger SUITABLE APPLICATIONS -- It is well used in Wearable Devices, Fitness Assistant Devices, Medical Monitoring Devices
    10,09 $ 11,09 $ -9%