Best performence bicycle seat against saddle sores



Following the latest scientific research on morpho-resistance, a new ergonomics could change the lives of more than a third of cyclists. According to a statistical study, 1 in 3 cyclists suffers from genital problems related to the practice of their sport.

The loss of sensibility felt during cycling, or the extreme pain experienced by some riders could really disappear for those who read the rest of this article.

Cases of impotence or acute pain shall never be an inevitable fate for the die-hard cyclists anymore.


Any cyclist riding long distances should have already felt this unpleasant feeling of loss of sensitivity at least once in his life.

The cause is a strong prolonged pressure of the saddle on the perineal area which greatly reduces the irrigation of the penis.

To limit its pressure and avoid any risk of erectile dysfunction, an effective solution is simply to rethink the seat of the cyclist.

The consequences of long distances sitting on our traditional saddles are well known:

  •   Irritation of the aisne area and soft tissue compression
  •   reduction of penis irrigation
  •   crushing of muscles and nerves


The researchers were amazed by the results of this futuristic design « made in Taiwan » allowing a seat that eliminates problems in 99% of cases. Not surprising, since Taiwan is considered the cradle for bike design offices and bike producers (OEM / ODM) with the world famous brands such as Giant, Performer …

In Taipei Vincent T., the owner of the design firm behind the Falcon model, is a bike fan looking for performance.

Seeing the quality of his intimate life declining as his bike training progressed, he decided to use the skills of his design firm for research and development. He then performed a morpho-physiological study before proposing a patented 3D ultra-light and saddle.

Tested, the results of the prototype were instantaneous and the symptoms immediately disappeared to the delight of his wife:

  •  complete release of the perineal area which allows the total suppression of compression points
  •  use of traditional morphological sitting points (the ischiatic bones of the pelvis) eliminating any pain during long distance races and allowing a better recovery
  •  reduction and disappearance of erectile dysfunction bringing serenity back to the couple


Vincent T.’s Testimony:

« I quickly saw the effectiveness of my workouts soar and the duration of my recovery periods decreased thanks to the absence of irritation and pain. In two weeks my wife was witnessed the recovery thanks to return to normal of our intimate life, without ever resorting to small blue pills « .

His wife has also adopted this saddle, because as proved by a study of the journal of sexual medicine *: sexual problems induced by the practice of prolonged cycling does not concern only men. Women are also at risk of permanent loss of sensitivity in their vulvar area.

« Once the properties of the prototype had been validated by thousands of kilometers my practice has refined the aesthetics of design and finalized the choice of polymer-nylon components of the seat to make it one of the lightest saddles on the market ( only 207g) « .

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