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  • LEBODY FORM Basic Kit: Muscle Toner Massager Arm Ab Stomach Waist Training Medium Frequency, 3 Massage Creams (White)
    LEBODY is body tightening and contouring device using electric current (Medium Frequency alternating Current). It helps to strengthen muscles and increase energy consumption to burn fat components in body by stimulating muscles with Mid-frequency. Also relieves muscle pain by massaging stiff muscle quickly after intense workout. LEBODY uses 1,000 Hz range which has least skin resistance and less pain & inconvenience among mid-frequency(1KHz~10KHz). Electrical current of Mid-Frequency is penetrated deeply into the muscle beneath skin. Mid-frequency stimulates muscles directly. LEBODY is the final choice for nice body line. Mid-frequency of LEBODY strenthens muscles and decreases body fat component by increasing cellular metabolism. It improves body skin electricity and reduces swelling. LEBODY is for those who need to manage their body line regularly as supplementtary workout and for those who want to lose weight more effectively. 6 steps of Intensity & 2 different mode (GYM, SLIM) : User can freely choose the intensity and mode according to user condition and preference. It detects body contact and protect skin due to the user's carelessness. LEBODY delivers safe and uniform amperage for patients regardless of patients condition. (Patent NO.10-1646092) Be sure to check the seller ID when making a purchase. "THE ONE TRADE" is a dealer who has an official contract with the manufacturer. If you do not purchase through an official dealer, there may be disadvantages.
  • Yoga Pilates Spine, Increase Endurance, Corrector, Suitable for Back Bend Rehabilitation Training, Improve Posture, Enhanced Balance,Black
    ❀Ergonomic design, based on Pilates classic movements, comprehensive ergonomic curves, combined with the action, the effect is twice the result with half the effort. The low curve ensures leg balance and comfort ❀The multi-floating massage matrix, which stimulates the muscles in an all-round way, can effectively massage the muscles and help the exercise of the weak muscles. ❀The Pula Massage Bed is a great Pilates tool for exercising, strengthening and strengthening the torso, shoulders, back and legs while correcting or restoring the natural curvature of the spine. ❀Intimate groove design, 3 grooves on the side for gripping, many difficult postures are easier to complete. ❀Suitable for yoga studios, yoga clubs, rehabilitation training, home, for white-collar workers, patients with cervical soreness, and patients with back pain can effectively relieve.
  • Hip Trainer, Kegel Exerciser Pelgrip Pelvic Floor Strengthening Device Hip Muscle and Inner Thigh Trainer Correction Beautiful Buttocks for Women (Blue)
    Limited: 50%OFF【AMAZING EFFECT】Pelvic Floor Muscle Medial Trainer is suitable for woman to sculpt hips, legs, thighs and butt. It can improve the blood system of lower limb muscles and buttocks, make hips and lower limbs more flexible and promote activities. Helps slim and tighten thighs, buttocks and lower abdominal muscles. Easily strengthened while activating your thigh adductor and gluteus maximus muscles. Not only will it exercise your hip, but also benefit your waist and leg muscles. 【HIP LINE IS INDISPENSABLE】Targeted Pelvic Floor Muscle Training is conducive to pelvic reduction, pelvic floor muscle strengthening. The easiest way to have a tight hip is using the Tight & Beautiful Hip, and training for 2-3 groups in 1 minute every day, then you can have a tight hip in 4 weeks. 【VIGOROUS & GRACEFUL】Kegel Exerciser, adjust & tighten the thighs,buttocks and lower abdominal muscles.Activate the gluteal muscles to show fascinating hip curve.Besides,it can improve pelvic floor strength and enhanced intimacy. Helps alleviate leakage due to incontinence. 【APPLICABLE PEOPLE】Hip Training fits women who work sedentary, postpartum mothers, are worried about the flatness of the buttocks. This hip exerciser is recommended. Ass tightness will make us younger and more beautiful. 【SAFETY AND WARRANTY】Our kegel exerciser Made of enco-friendly PVC soft rubber materials, and high elasticity thick steel, which effectively fits and protects the legs. Customer satisfaction is always our priority. Any issues of our products within 30 days, REPLACEMENT or REFUND will be provided.
  • Kizxtrsh Pelvic Muscle Exerciser and Hip Trainer, Inner Outer Thigh Master,Pelvic Floor Muscle Trainer, Correction Beautiful Buttocks for Women
    👨‍❤️‍👨【The Amazing Effect of Kegel Exercise Products】: Our thigh master inner and outer can help you activate your hip muscles. Improve flat buttock caused by frequent sitting. Leg muscles are firmer. Improve couples’ lives. Thigh fat. Help restore pubic separation after delivery. The pelvic floor muscles relax. 👨‍❤️‍👨【Especially Recommended for Postpartum Mothers】: The postpartum mother’s pelvis is loosened and expanded, leading to flat and sagging buttocks, loose privacy, and leakage of materials when coughing and sneezing. Our butt workout equipment for women can activate the buttocks muscles in a short time, correct the pelvis through muscle strength, tighten the hips, and restore your perfect buttocks curve. 👨‍❤️‍👨【Multifunctional Design】: You can exercise this multi-functional designed thigh trainer for your hip muscles, arm, triceps & back, inner/outer thigh, and chest/shoulder; efficiently strengthen your muscles. 👨‍❤️‍👨【Very Easy to Use of The Thigh Exercise Equipment】: Compared with other versions of hip trainer on the market, everyone of our new generation of stovepipe clips can quickly master the skills to help you achieve the ideal exercise effect at a faster speed. Our thigh master is fit for Mutifunction & Multi-occasions use. 👨‍❤️‍👨【Best After-sales Service】: It’s our mission to create not only fantastic body & booty workout equipment, but a community where women feel confident and love themselves. We stand behind our butt trainer for women 100% & will do all we can to ensure it’s the last kegel exercise tool you’ll ever need! If you don’t love your kegel exerciser for women, reach out & we’ll make it right.
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  • Mucool Kegel Pelvic Floor Muscle Exerciser, Inner Thigh Trainer, Buttocks Bladder Control Device Correction for Women Beautiful Buttocks, Postpartum Rehabilitation
    【Easy to Carry】: The elastic strength is adjustable, the elasticity is strong, conforms to the ergonomic design, is comfortable and free, the volume is small, and can be carried with you. 【Powerful Function】: Pelgrip pelvis muscle exerciser used to train pelvic floor muscle strength, adjust & tighten the thighs, buttocks and lower abdominal muscles. 【EASY TO USE】: Use the pilgrim pelvis muscle exerciser 2-3 groups of training per day for 1 minute and a forbidden hip in 4 weeks. 【APPLICABLE PEOPLE】: The Hips Muscle Trainer suitable for women who work sedentary, postpartum mothers, or worried about the flatness of the buttocks. By adjusting the gears on the equipment to adjust the elastic force of the wings to fit different people's hip exercises. 【After sales service】: 1 Pack Buttocks Trainer and 1 User Manual. If there any problem with the product, contact us, we offer a 24-hour service.
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  • Risefit Kegel Exerciser Pelgrip Pelvis Floor Muscle Medial Exerciser,Hip Muscle&Inner Thigh Trainer,Correction Beautiful Buttocks for Women (Blue+ Band)
    【Quality and Safety Materials】Made of thick carbon steel and environment-friendly PVC material, the hip muscle trainer has long durability, and can provide strong force to help improve bladder conrol, pelvic floor strength; shape the hip line and tighten thighs, buttocks, and lower abdominal muscles. 【Easy to Use and Portable】2-3 groups of training per day for 1 minute, and a forbidden hip in 4 weeks 【Tight & Beautiful Hip Fitness Trainer】With the help of the Tight & Beautiful Hip, your pelvic floor muscles can be easily strengthened while activating your thigh adductor and gluteus maximus muscles. Not only will it exercise your hip, but also benefit your waist and leg muscles. 【Applicable People】Pelvic floor strengthening,Suitable for postpartum mothers/Sedentarye /Hip Flat/Thigh with Fat.No dieting,No medicine,shaping the hip line,let you have a charming body,make us younger and more beautiful. 【Quality After Sales Service】If there any problem with the product, contact us, we offer a 24-hour service, we offer 100% refund or free replacement.
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  • VLIHEENER Inner Thigh Exerciser, Muscle Hip Trainer Super Kegel Pelvic Floor Exerciser,Buttocks Lifting Bladder Controll Device Correction Beautiful Bodyshape and Postpartum Rehabilitation for Women
    💗【Applicable People】- For Sedentary people, fitness coaches, postpartum mothers,athletes. Helps you more easily achieve Beautiful Bodyshape buttock effect and keep your pelvis healthy. 💗【Powerful Function】- Pelvic floor muscles targeted training helps reduce the pelvis, strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, walking buttocks. Treats weakened pelvic muscles can help to thin thighs and tighten thighs, buttocks, and lower abdomen muscles. 💗【Intimate Design & Prmium Materials】- Our hip trainer is made of environmentally friendly PVC material and thick steel, outer with soft rubber cover, It is durable, comfortable and effectively sticks to protect the legs, The elastic strength is adjustable, suitable for all ages of women. 💗【Simple operation】- The simple way to train 2-3 groups in 1 minute every day, then tighten your hips in 4 weeks. Using our Inner Thigh Exerciser for 5 minutes is equivalent to jogging for 30 minutes. For people who want to train in the gym or at home, it is recommended to use this device. 💗【100% Satisfaction Guarantee】- We stand by the quality of our Hip Trainer and come with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee - if for any reason you are not satisfied do not hesitate to call and receive a replacement or full refund of your purchase!
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  • VISOFO Super Hip Trainer Kegel Exerciser, Pelvic Floor Muscle Correction Buttocks, Postpartum Rehabilitation for Women
    Easy-to-Use - Use Kegel pelvic hip trainer workout tool each day for at least 5 minutes and feel the improvement in 4 weeks already! Pelvic Floor Muscle Trainer - working out with pelvic floor trainer helps with hip strengthening and thigh muscle tone Trained Muscles- Our VISOFO trainer has adjustable elastic strength and strong elasticity making it a very strong bottom lifter Ergonomic Design - The ergonomic design of this exerciser makes inner thigh exercise comfy. Perfectly sized it can be carried with you to gym, office and even long-distance business travel Professional Quality - Inner thigh exerciser comes with easy-to-follow instructions. Follow the guide on using pelvic floor exerciser as a butt trainer and pelvic floor strengthening device for women to help improve the effects of afterbirth and deskwork.
    24,99 $
  • francoscavo654 2 Pack Butt Hips Trainer, Upgrade Muscle Buttock Fitness Training, Home Office Exercise Equipment, 10pcs Free Gel Pads (Hips Trainer,Black)
    【Quality Assurance】Newest Design for Hips Fitness Training, you can select different modes and intensity respectively to meet your desired muscle training effect, 10 replacement hydrogels are provided free of charge. 【Easy to use】All you have to do is to fit the pads to your body and let them exercise your muscles. High-quality silicone material, soft and staff offer you experience more delicate skin. It is suitable for men and women. 【Multi-function】Our Upgrade hip trainer can shape the women's hip line effectively, release pressure and easily lift hip muscle without sport busty ass instrument helping to form the peach buttock. Hips trainer can not only shape the waist and thighs but also reduce muscle pain, achieving a massage effect. 【Time of Usage】About 20 minutes /time, 1-2 times /day. It equals to 2000M running, 60 minutes of sit-ups, 60 minutes of free swimming, 2 weeks of the diet. 【Flexible & Portable】The hips trainer is super light, ultra-thin, wearable, and convenient to carry on. It can be worn unobtrusively under your clothes, suitable for muscle training while reading, watching a movie, doing housework, even during business or leisure.
    17,59 $
  • Kegel Exerciser Pelgrip Pelvis Floor Muscle Medial Exerciser Hip Muscle&Inner Thigh Trainer Correction Beautiful Buttocks for Women - Blue
    【Powerful function】--Use our kegel exerciser to effectively exercise muscles, make the pelvis and the hip muscles participate in the exercise, and it is easier to achieve the beautiful buttock effect and keep the pelvis healthy. 【Applicable people】--Hip training fits women who work sedentary, postpartum mothers, are worried about the flatness of the buttocks. This hip exerciser is recommended. Ass tightness will make us younger and more beautiful. 【Easy to use】--Use the kegel trainer 2-3 groups of training per day for 1 minute, and a forbidden hip in 4 weeks. 【SUPER VALUE PACK】--Pay the lowest money, you will get 1 pack Buttocks Trainer 【THE FIVE BEE BEST AFTER-SALES SERVICE】--We are so confident with our products and we believe you should always get what you pay for. If you have any questions, please send us an email in time, we will provide you with a satisfactory solution.
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