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  • NUPHORIA cm Gold - Neuropathy Support Formula Supplement - 120 Pills - Advanced Relief Support Treatment - Hand Numbness, Foot & Leg Nerve Pain - Natural Stabilized Alpha Lipoic Acid - 30 Day Supply
    ASSISTS IN RELIEIVING PAIN : The ingredients in our Nuphoria cm Gold supplement were created to assist in relieving pain. In clinical trials, it has shown the ability to aid in relief to reduce burning, numbness, tingling, and sharp shooting pain in the feet and legs. CREATED BY DOCTORS: The Nuphoria cm Gold supplement was developed by leading neuropathy doctors. The formula was created to provide assist in drug-free, non-surgical nerve repair treatment. BACKED BY SCIENCE: Nuphoria cm Gold is formulated with specific digestive enzymes that allow for maximum absorption. Our neuropathy pain relief product is the only formula on the market that adds digestive enzymes to ensure the maximum bio-availability. POWERFUL FORMULA: We use the most effective and safest form of Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxal-5-phosphate) in our neuropathy supplement. Competitors use Pyridoxine HCL, a much cheaper form of B6, which can be toxic to the nerves in a higher dosage. PROPRIETARY BLEND: Our formula uses R-Alpha Lipoic Acid, which has shown to be 12x more effective than S-Alpha Lipoic Acid. This aid in pain relief and discomfort provides a 300 mg daily dose to mimic the results achieved in clinical studies for nerve repair and regeneration.
  • NeuropAWAY Neurop Pain Relief Daytime Nighttime & Topical Gel Bundle
    Burning Tingling Numbness Feel Better Now!
  • The BODY WEDGE Relieves Hip, Knee, and Lower Back Pain - Psoas Relief Rocker - Personal Abdominal Massager Tool - Use Before Stretching and Strengthening Core Muscles - Red, Large
    ALLEVIATES LOWER BACK PAIN AND SPEEDS UP RECOVERY: Keep your body in top shape by using our muscle massager device to help reduce muscle stiffness, tight spots, and inflammation after long periods of sitting or uncomfortable sleeping STIMULATES YOUR CORE PSOAS MUSCLE: Designed specifically to massage the PSOAS, our patented body wedge has multiple contact points to effectively stimulate core muscles while relieving tension and releasing pressure WHY YOUR PSOAS MUSCLE IS SO IMPORTANT: The psoas provides essential support for organs while stabilizing your trunk and spine during movement; It’s the main flexor of the hip joint and key to maintaining posture, mobility, and structural well-being YOUR AT-HOME PHYSICAL THERAPIST: Our unique personal massager is specifically designed to mimic the fingertips, knuckles, and palm of the hand, making it the next best thing to having your own therapist or chiropractor! LIGHTWEIGHT AND EASY TO USE: Made of durable foam material and is small enough for travel; Please note that you may experience slight discomfort when releasing trigger points in the muscle but this will greatly reduce after using daily for a week
  • Dual Comfort Cushion, Lift Hips Up Memory Foam Seat Orthopedic Cushion, Multifunction Folding Beauty Butt Posture Correcting Cushions for Pressure Relief, Fits in Car, Home, Office
    【Design】With elastic buckle, when you don’t use it, it can be folded and stored, which is very convenient to store 【Sedentary Won't Collapse】It contains memory foam granules, even if you sit longer, the support pad can be restored immediately after getting up. The seat cushion will not deform or collapse. 【Soft Cover】Our cushions feature a washable and breathable outer cover. Made with soft plush material and dual temperature texture suitable for hot and cold weather. 【Corrected Sitting Posture】The seat cushion is ergonomically designed, relieves pressure on tailbone, hips, and spine help promotes blood circulation, will relief from lower back pain, numbness and pain from sciatica, herniated discs, tailbone injuries, back pain from pregnancy. 【Shape Up Beautiful Buttock】Orthopedic siting cushion use double O-shaped hollow design, even if you sit for longer, can relieve stress and shaping hip lines and S-shaped body.
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  • HelloLife Painazol Tablets - Natural Relief for Sciatic Nerve Pain Symptoms - for Safe, Temporary Relief of: Lower Back Nerve Pain + Sensitivity + Numbness + Burning + Tingling + Weakness
    Daily Relief: Take control of your symptoms and get back to life – comfortably! A daily dose of Painazol helps maintain healthy nerve function while defending against nerve pain for better rest and more mobile days! Naturally Powerful: multi-potency formula supporting your overall health regimen, incorporating an integrated approach to your healthy lifestyle choices, Painazol is the naturally powerful way to fight back and get back to doing what you love! Naturally Safe: No opiates, no narcotics, no harsh pain killers, and no prescription needed! The natural blend of homeopathically-prepared herbal + mineral ingredients in Painazol are specially designed for potent relief that works gently with – not against – your body. Naturally Sweet, Fast-Melt Tablet Formulation
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  • ABS Stimulator Hip Trainer, Electronic Hips Trainer, Smart Wearable Buttock Hip Trainer for Men Women Replacement Gel
    【Remote Control and Rechargeable】-Wireless control and USB rechargeable design. It's rechargeable and controlled by a remote, convenient to use and environment friendly. You can tighten your hip while watching TV, learning, listening to music and anytime you want. It provides strong elastic movements to tighten and strengthen your body muscles. 【High-efficient Technology 】This is a smart butt enhancer that is designed for hip lifting and enhancing for people who want to get a better buttock shape. new revolutionary wireless wearable power was engineered to contract your hip and other body parts just like a regular workout. It gives you the freedom to work your muscles while you do other activities. Gain a better figure with the ultimate hip stimulator, legs and fat burner instead of workouts or body exercise. 【 Easy To Use】Designed with ergonomics aimed at exercising buttock muscle. correct the wheel of the fitness in the position that wishes to strengthen your muscles. just press the button to start the training. 【Powerful Features】 This Stimulator provides 6 simulation modes and 10 grades intensity to choose. This EMS Hips Trainer can be used anytime and anywhere. 【 High Quality Material】 High quality silicone material, soft and staff offers you an experience more delicate skin. it is suitable for men and women. the best gift for your family and your friends! free 12 months and service guarantee
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  • VasoCorp NeuropAWAY Neurop Pain Relief Roll-On 3.25 oz Nerve Pain Relief and neurop Pain Relief for feet, neurop Support for Burning Numbness Pain in Legs and feet
    ❄️ FAST PAIN RELIEF - Looking for neurop pain relief for feet? Our roll-on will begin your support for neurop. Includes CoQ10, Acetyl L-Carnitine, Vitamin D, MSN, Vitamins E & B6 ❄️ HEALTHY NERVE FUNCTION - If you need sciatic nerve pain relief, leg, foot or other nerve pain relief , then you will be delighted with this supplement. ❄️ REDUCED NUMBNESS, TINGLING, BURNING - Simple, proven, effective vitamins for neurop Get neurop relief that helps all of the diabetic neurop symptoms. ❄️ 3 TO 5 DAY IMMEDIATE RESULTS - Feel better quickly and get neurop pain relief with our most effective and award-winning formula.
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  • Advanced Nerve Renew Neuropathy Pain Relief for Feet & Hands-Sciatic Nerve Pain Relief All-Natural Dietary Supplement with Alpha Lipoic Acid Neuropathy Support Formula 30 Day Supply.
    DO SOMETHING: Address your pins and needles discomfort and creeping numbness issues with the all-natural nerve renew neuropathy support formula supplement Advanced Nerve Renew. Feed your nerves the nutrients they need to perform their best. Drug free supplement with no side effects and no prescription needed. CONTAINS ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Advanced Nerve Renew all-natural neuropathy pain relief for feet & hands contains ALA-Alpha Lipoic Acid, Grape Seed Extract, Vitamin B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12, Acetyl-L-Carnitine, Biotin, Folic Acid, Lecithin, Myoinositol and Aloe Vera. All working together to support your healthy goals. DON’T IGNORE THESE WARING SIGNS: Do your fingers and toes sometimes feel numb? Do you experience “tingling” “burning” or a “pins and needles” sensation? Are you losing vigor, stamina and youthful energy? You must act. Advanced Nerve Renew sciatic nerve pain relief supplement promotes healthy nerve function throughout your body. Support your nerve health so you can get back to doing the things you enjoy. FORMULATED BY Westhaven Labs: A long-time leader in the supplement business. It is proudly made in the USA in a GMP manufacturing plant which is registered and inspected by the FDA. This insures the highest levels of ingredient purity, potency and safety. 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: Our Advanced Nerve Renew neuropathy support formula may significantly improve the quality of your life and we stand behind it with our 100% satisfaction guarantee.
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  • BackPainHelp Inflated Stability Wobble Cushion, Improves Posture & Lower Back Pain | Sciatica Pain Relief | Exercise Fitness Core Balance Disc (Silver)
    ✅ Our Posture Cushion acts like a Balance Disc promoting core stability, physical therapy, improving body posture, strengthens muscle tone & improves your balance. ✅ Ergonomic seating, helping strengthen abdominal and back muscles therefore working to reduce back pain and shoulder aches in a natural, safe and effective way. ✅ Encourages active sitting by engaging the postural muscles to help to keep our bodies dynamic. The Balance Cushion provides an unstable surface to exercise on, requiring you to use more muscles to stay balanced. ✅ Perfect as a coccyx seat cushion, office chair cushion, office chairs, hard surface chairs, desk chairs, outdoor surfaces. ✅ Posture Cushion comes pre-inflated and ready to use. Easy for travel. 13.5" in diameter
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  • VasoCorp NeuropAWAY Neurop Pain Relief | 2 oz Maximum Strength Gel Nerve Pain Relief and neurop Pain Relief for feet, neurop Support for Burning Numbness Pain in Legs and feet Topical Gel.
    🙏 FAST PAIN RELIEF - Looking for neurop pain relief for feet? 🙏 HEALTHY NERVE FUNCTION - If you need sciatic nerve pain relief, leg, foot or other nerve pain relief , then you will be delighted with this topical gel.. 🙏 REDUCED NUMBNESS, TINGLING, BURNING - Simple, proven, effective topical gel for neurop. Get neurop relief that helps all of the diabetic neurop symptoms. 🙏 IMMEDIATE RESULTS - Feel better quickly and get neurop pain relief with our most effective and award-winning formula.
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