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  • StepRight Stability Trainer Footwear - Enhance Balance, Stabilization, Proprioception and Neuromuscular Control - Large (Men's 9-14, Women's 10-15)
    Balance Trainer designed to enhance stabilization, proprioception and Neuromuscular control What's in the box: A pair of Stepright footwear with embedded balance bladders, hand air pump, needle for pump, instruction book, velcro straps Great for rehabbing from injuries such as ankle sprains, ACL reconstructions, falls, dizziness, and vertigo issues Best if used under the guidance of a physical therapist, athletic trainer, assistant trainer, personal trainer, occupational therapist, kinesiologist, or professional athlete Small fits Men's size 3-8 and women's 5-9, Large fits Men's size 9-14 and Women's size 10+ -- recommended for use with flat sole athletic shoes
  • DPS&RXX Dual Comfort Cushion Lift Hips Up Seat Cushion Multifunction, for Pressure Relief, Fits in Seat, Back, Hamstrings Pain,Office & Car Use,Purple
    Corrected Sitting Posture - The Hamkaw Buttocks seat cushion is ergonomically designed, the V-shaped design help promotes blood circulation, will relief from lower back pain, numbness and pain from sciatica, herniated discs, tailbone injuries, back pain from pregnancy. Shape Up Beautiful Buttock - Orthopedic siting cushion use double O-shaped hollow design, even if you sit for longer, can relieve stress and shaping hip lines and S-shaped body. Soft Cover - The Beautiful Buttocks Cushion with very soft cover, which have short plush, soft and comfortable, convenient storage when folded. Foldable Design - With elastic buckle, when you don't use it, it can be folded and stored, which is very convenient to store. Versatile - The seat cushion can be used anywhere. car, office, sofa, kitchen chair, dinette, travel.
  • PETZL - AVAO SIT, Seat Harness for Work Suspension, Size 1, Black/Yellow
    BUILT FOR COMFORT: Features a semi-rigid, wide waist belt and leg loops for excellent support; sculpted and lined with breathable perforated foam for comfort during suspension. PRACTICAL ADJUSTMENT: Waist belt and leg loops equipped with self-locking DoubleBack buckles for quick and easy adjustment. ORGANIZE YOUR TOOLS: Features six pre-shaped equipment loops with protective sheath, four CARITOOL tool holder retainers, and two slots for TOOLBAG tool pouch. DURABLE MATERIAL: The AVAO SIT is made out of nylon, polyester, aluminum, and steel. SAFETY FIRST: The rear attachment point on the waist belt allows attachment of a restraint lanyard, or a TOP to make the harness into a fall arrest harness, or a TOP CROLL (new or old version) to make it into a rope access harness.
  • iGuerburn Shoe Balancer Shoe Lift Shoe Leveler for Walking Boot Equalize Limb Length Evens Up Legs (S: 10.6 inch)
    Recommend buying according to the length of your shoes. Great Walking Help! The shoe lift solved the problem of different foot heights while wearing a cam boot on one foot and a walking shoe on the other. Hip Saver & Back Saver. It keeps your body in alignment while walking, sparing your back, hip and knees. Keeping you straight and not limping. It has two levels to lift your shoe 1/2 inch or 1 inch. Easy to attach to a shoe. Adjustable hook and loop fasteners help to firmly attach to your shoe. Slip-resistant Bottom. You can wear it on your left or right foot. Any problem feel free to contact customer service.
    19,99 $
  • KIWI Sneaker and Shoe Deodorizer | For Shoes, Sneakers, Leather and More | Max Defense Balls | 1 Pair
    Powerful shoe deodorizer balls that fight tough odors for up to 60 days* and keep your shoes smelling and feeling fresh Works as a shoe odor remover and tackles even the toughest, most stubborn odors to keep your shoes smelling fresh Simple to use, just twist the sneaker deodorizer ball to open and activate, then place one ball inside each shoe Use this shoe freshener with any type of shoe, including those made of full grain and patent leather, synthetic and faux leather, canvas, suede, nubuck, mesh, nylon and fabric Engage in complete care. Shoe deodorizers are step 3 of the 3-Step KIWI Sneaker Care system (Clean, Protect and Deodorize) * When fully open for 12 hours per day
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  • Evenupª Original Shoe Balancer/Leveler, Small
    Evenup height is adjustable, offering two thicknesses: 1/2 inch and 1 inch. Evenup easily attaches to the shoe of the non-affected limb for improved balance, gait and reduced body strain. Evenup Shoe Leveler adds 1/2 inch or 1 inch to compensate for a shorter limb length when wearing a walking boot, cast or fracture boot Improves uneven gait and balance. Evenup's specially designed rubber and hook and loop straps hold it in place on the shoe. Includes a 2 layer non-skid, rubber outsole. Eliminates low back pain and hip pain often associated with a walking cast
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  • OPTP Dynamic Duo Balance & Stability Trainers (Pair) – for Core Strength, Injury Recovery, Physical Therapy and Rehab Exercise (4187)
    CHALLENGES DYNAMIC STABILITY – Designed to perform exercises to help improve strength, flexibility and coordination STRETCH AND STRENGTHEN THE FOOT OR ANKLE – Promotes functional movement of the feet/ankles in all planes REHABILITATION AND CONDITIONING – Use individually or in tandem for rehabilitation and conditioning movements PROFESSIONAL GRADE MATERIAL – Made from high quality materials; slip-resistant bases allow use on most surfaces IDEAL FOR A VARIETY OF USES – Physical therapy, training and conditioning, mind-body exercise and more
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  • ETHY 48inch Golf Swing Trainer Equipment Training Aids, for Tempo Speed Practice, Strength Flexibility Training
    Product Features: Portable, suitable for practicing anywhere. This swing coach strengthens and increases the flexibility of wrists, arms and core golf muscles. When you swing, two proprietary white lines visually indicate your swing plane so that you can work on a consistent swing plane. Auxiliary Tools: When you get to the court, warm up quickly by putting the ball in your bag or car. Flexible fiberglass shafts and balance systems teach lag and help you synchronize your arms and your body to ensure that you will smash its first T. Reduce Impact: Consistency is golfer's best friend. If you can keep your pace throughout the round, you will definitely lower your score. Your Golf Training Pole will provide a low impact stretch for your golf round at any time. Ideal Choice: Regardless of your age or skill level, this product will work for you incredibly. Real-time feedback on swing will help beginners and experts. 48 inches is ideal for people who are 5 feet 6 inches or higher, but stronger or more experienced golfers can use it effortlessly. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: We will provide you with an excellent quick response at any time to solve all your problems. Your satisfaction is our first priority!
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  • Compact Reading Rack for Treadmills, Stair Climbers, Stationary Bikes, Elliptical Trainers and Rowers 8 x 9
    Perfect for holding books, magazines, newspapers, iPads, phones and other electronics. Height: 8 inches, Width: 9 inches, Upper Hook width: 1.8 inches, Upper Lip height: 0.75 inches, Lower Hook width 1.5 inches, Lower Lip height: 1 inch, Thickness: 0.13 inches Top and bottom lips designed to keep rack and material securely in place. Durably made in one piece, slides easily over equipment display panel. Smoothly rounded corners and polished edges for user comfort.
    14,95 $
  • Dual Comfort Cushion Lift Hips Up Seat Cushion, Folding Orthopedic Butt Posture Correction Cushion for Pressure Relief, Fits in Seat, Back, Hamstrings Pain,Office & Car (Purple)
    Corrected Sitting Posture: The seat cushion is ergonomically designed, relieves pressure on tailbone, hips, and spine help promotes blood circulation, will relief from lower back pain, numbness and pain from sciatica, herniated discs, tailbone injuries, back pain from pregnancy. Creative Design: With elastic buckle, when you dont use it, it can be folded and stored, which is very convenient to store.With elastic buckle, when you dont use it, it can be folded and stored, which is very convenient to store. Dual Comfort Cushion: ven if you sit longer, the support pad can be restored immediately after getting up. The seat cushion will not deform or collapse. Soft Cover: Made with soft plush material and dual temperature texture suitable for hot and cold weather.The filling material is memory foam particles. Versatile: The seat cushion can be used anywhere, car, office, sofa, kitchen chair, dinette, travel. Applicable to four seasons, it is durable and not easy to deform.
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