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  • Lastek Blood Pressure Wrist and Intranasal Irradiation Therapeutic Laser
    Designed to Improve Hypertension (High Blood Pressure) Improving Flow Resistance Improve Blood Oxygenation Helps to Reduce the Risk of Blood Clots Helps Reduce Blood Fat and Improve Blood Sugar Levels 10 x 650 nm 5MV Laser Diodes on the Wrist and 1 x 650 nm 5MV Laser Diode Intranasal Diode
  • Inspired by Drive Nimbo 2G Lightweight Posterior Walker with Seat, Knight Blue, Medium
    Height Adjustable Aluminum Frame; Easily folds for transport; Revised Hand grip design for increased user comfort One directional override bracket to allow for two directional movement; Easily switch from swivel to non-swivel front wheel settings Soft rubber wheels adhere to any surface and will not allow the Nimbo to slide backwards when using one-directional setting Handle Height: 23"-30.5"; Weight Capacity: 150 lbs.; Inside Handlebar Width: 15"; Outside Dimensions: 26"W x 31"D 5 inch Front and Rear wheels
  • Gen II PICC with IV & Arterial Line Vascular Access Ultrasound Trainer
    Specifically designed to train ultrasound guided PICC placement, ultrasound guided IV placement and ultrasound guided arterial line placement Verify correct catheter placement with ultrasound or X-ray Made with Blue Phantom’s ultra-durable SimulexUS tissue which is self-healing to prevent leaks and able to last over 1,000 needle cannulations Designed to match the acoustic properties of human tissue; will work with any ultrasound system Vascular Anatomy Includes: Cephalic Vein, Radial Vein, Basilic Vein, Ulnar Vein, Medial Cubital Vein, Brachial Artery, Radial Artery, Ulnar Artery, and Superior Vena Cava & Subclavian Vein (To verify catheter placement).
  • Cescorf Flexible Segmometer for Knee Height Measurement, Forearm Ulna Length, Demi Span, Wingspan, and Identify Midpoint of Upper Arm
    CESCORF FLEXIBLE SEGMOMETER allows you to measure bone length to estimate height of patients unable to stand (i.e. in wheel chair or bedridden), and calculate midpoint of upper arm for body fat testing. COMPARED TO A KNEE HEIGHT CALIPER OR OSTEOMETER a flexible segmometer is much less expensive and more compact. SPECIFICATIONS 3m range, hard ABS plastic tips, Precision 0.5 mm; Resolution: 1mm. PROTECTIVE BAG included for safe storage and transport. MEASURES knee height, demi-span, ulna length, and forearm length.
    138,00 $
  • PETZL - AVAO SIT Fast, Seat Harness for Work Positioning and Suspension, Size 1
    BUILT FOR COMFORT: Features a semi-rigid, wide waist belt and leg loops for excellent support; sculpted and lined with breathable perforated foam for comfort during suspension. PRACTICAL ADJUSTMENT: Waist belt equipped with self-locking DoubleBack buckles for quick and easy adjustment. BUCKLE UP: Leg loops equipped with FAST buckles for quick and easy opening and fastening without the need to readjust them, even while wearing gloves. ORGANIZE YOUR TOOLS: Features six pre-shaped equipment loops with protective sheath, four CARITOOL tool holder retainers, and two slots for TOOLBAG tool pouch. SAFETY FIRST: The rear attachment point on the waist belt allows attachment of a restraint lanyard, or a TOP to make the harness into a fall arrest harness, or a TOP CROLL (new or old version) to make it into a rope access harness.
    299,95 $
  • Stevens Instrument Company S-34 Gearcase Pressure Tester
    Part number: S-34 Package Weight: 1.043 kilograms Oem equivalent part number: STVS34 Package Dimensions: 45.974 L x 13.208 H x 17.018 W (centimeters)
    142,84 $
  • Witroe Reflex Hammer, 9.5" Clinical Reflex Measurement Device, Includes Needle and Brush, Physical and Occupational Therapy Tool for Testing Stimulation Response, Silver and Black Color Style
    Instrument meaures 9.5" long and weighs 7.4 ounces
    99,00 $
  • CHEEKS Multisport Gel Trainer by Tony Little, Super Cushioning Technology, 360 Support, Wide Heel Platform, Lightweight SSEVA Outsole, Gel Energy Pad
    SHOES WITH BENEFITS: No matter where your feet take you, this multisport gel trainer features a lightweight SSEVA outsole with gel energy pads and 360 support for optimum stability. Get maximum stability and bounce with the super lightweight wide heel platform that is perfect for multisport activities. Designed with a breathable mesh upper, this multisport gel trainer will keep your feet cool and dry. SUPER CUSHIONING TECHNOLOGY: Made with an air infused, lightweight SSEVA outsole, this multisport gel trainer gives you great shock absorption and the perfect bounce in your step with gel energy pads in the arch and heel. Made with a wider platform, secure fit neoprene heel sleeve, and generous toe box, you get ultimate stability and comfort for walking, running, and multisport activities. This multisport gel trainer moves with you! WHERE FASHION MEETS FITNESS: Tony Little isn’t just a fitness icon; he has now created a footwear line that is as functional as it is fashionable. These shoes are perfect for the gym or to wear out on the town. Not only are they a great fashion statement, but you’ll get the stability and comfort you need for all multisport activities. They’re the fusion of fashion and fitness. This multisport trainer is offered in a variety of colors to satisfy even the most particular Fashionistas! SMART DESIGN: CHEEKS Multisport Gel Trainers are made with low-impact gel energy pads and air infused, lightweight SSEVA technology to secure that your feet are comfortable and secure. Additional features include removable insoles, super cushioning technology, a secure fit neoprene heel sleeve, a generous toe box, and a fashion forward, mesh upper that is lightweight and breathable. YOUR NEW FAVORITE TRAINER: CHEEKS Multisport Gel Trainers will be your new favorites – throw out those old sneakers and try cushioned and supportive trainers! Not only are they comfortable and fashionable, but they provide the support and stability that your feet need! If you need to be reminded that “You Can Do It” just check the tongue of the Multisport Gel Trainer, where the message is printed.
    59,00 $
  • POWRX Home Exercise Plan for Seniors, Balance, Strength and Coordination, Exercises to Help Prevent Falls, retain Independence, Home Based Plan, Wall Chart with Easy to Follow Instructions
    High quality , glossy A2 wall chart with very clear images and exercise descriptions Essential exercises to improve strength for upper and lower body, balance and coordination Include partner exercises for carers / life partner Only simple equipment needed, ie chair FREE personal exercise advice included . Details will be included with your order.
    19,99 $
  • ADC® Pro's Combo II™ SR Pocket Aneroid Sprague Stethoscope Kit Breast Cancer AwareneSS
    Comes with nylon color coordinated case Size Guide marking system prevents mis-cuffing  Chrome-plated deflation valve
    48,97 $