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  • Rael Organic Incontinence Pads Moderate- Organic Bladder Control and Postpartum Pads, 4-Layer Core with Leak Guard Technology, Postpartum (30 Count)
    100% CERTIFIED ORGANIC COTTON TOP SHEET- Made with OCS certified organic cotton without the use of toxins, chlorine, pesticides, and fragrance. SUPER ABSORBENT 4-LAYER CORE - Ultra soft, comfortable liners for bladder leaks provides ultimate leak protection and odor control. Prevents overflowing and sustains freshness all day to keep you feeling dry and confident. Ideal for postpartum use. MAXIMUM AIR FLOW - Made with hypoallergenic, soft, and breathable sheets that alleviate unpleasant odors and irritation, all while providing the highest levels of leak protection. LEAK LOCKER TECHNOLOGY- Unique channel designs to trap fluids and side panels for added security. Designed to fit your dynamic lifestyle. MADE FOR ALL WOMEN - Safe and suitable for all women, skin types.
  • LMNOOP® Bed Sore Cream - Infection Protection Skin Healing Treatment Wound Care Supplies, Medical Grade First Aid Ointment for Bed & Pressure Sores Diabetic Venous Foot & Leg Ulcers Cuts Scrapes Burns
    [SAFE TO USE] - LMNOOP ointment has been used by more than 1.5 million people, and has also been widely loved by people, and highly recommended wound care ointment by doctors. [NATURAL & ORGANIC INGREDIENTS] - LMNOOP bedsore wound care ointment is made of all natural herbs and organic extracts, soothing and safe for sensitive skin. [MULTI-FUNCTIONAL] - Provides relief on contact to reduce inflammation and relieve pain and discomfort, widely use various wounds especially with MAX STRENGTH on chronic wounds such as bedsores, pressure sores, diabetic ulcers, venous foot & leg ulcers, An essential wound care medicine for general homeopathic. [Efficient Wound Care Supplies] - Compare with Terrasil and Emuaid, Lmnoop bed sores ointment quickly and efficiently kill bacteria, absorb exudate and malodor, remove bacterial biofilms & sloughs, stimulates blood flow to rapidly promote the growth of new healthy skin cells and prevent scar tissue from forming. [100% Satisfaction Guarantee] - All our wound care cream comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee from the date of your purchase. If you are not completely satisfied with our products and you may contact us anytime during use or return the product for a full refund.
  • Lisenwood Donut Pillow Hemorrhoid Cushion - Memory Foam Donut Seat Cushion - Tailbone Pain Relief Cushion for Pregnancy, Coccyx, Bed Sores, Back, Sciatica - Premium Non-Slip Sitting Donut Cushion
    【4 ERGONOMIC CONTOURS - INNOVATIVE DESIGN】: To offer COMFORTABLE experience, we designed 4 ERGONOMIC CONTOURS in our donut pillow. Two LEG CONTOURS at the front for healthy blood circulation in the legs; One COCCYX CONTOUR in the rear center for tailbone and lower back pain relief; One FRONT CONTOUR specially designed in the front center for men & women's more comfortable sitting. Try our product, you would know we are much BETTER than the other donut cushions in the market!! 【TAILBONE PAIN RELIEF & HEMORRHOID PILLOW】: Thanks to the 100% PREMIUM MEMORY FOAM + ERGONOMIC DESIGN (4 CONTOURS + DONUT SHAPE), Lisenwood Donut Pillow could distribute your weight evenly, and reduce much of the pressure when sitting. All of these help to alleviate much of the pressure on your coccyx and tailbone, which decrease tailbone pain, hemorrhoid pain, coccyx, back pain, or sores. Forget about the back pains, you’ll benefit from a carefully considered donut seat! 【PORTABLE FOR HOME + OFFICE + CAR TRAVEL USE】: Our Donut Cushion is LIGHTWEIGHT & PORTABLE for easy transport. With the NON-SLIP rubber bottom, you could place our seat cushion anywhere you like. Use in your home office as a donut cushion for tailbone pain, on the road as a car seat cushion or as a wheelchair cushion. Engineered for users of all shapes and size, perfect compliments to any office chair or car seat. Perfect hemorrhoid pillow, sciatica pillow for sitting. 【WASHABLE PLUSH COVER + BREATHABLE INNER CASE + DURABLE ZIPPER】: We use the ULTRA-SOFT & WASHABLE cushion cover, which is made of PREMIUM plush fabric. Meanwhile, we offer another BREATHABLE inner case to keep the donut seat more clean. In addition, we choose the high-cost DURABLE zipper, all to make you feel more comfortable and enjoy our product. 【LIFE TIME WARRANTY + 100% REFUND】: If you dislike our premium Wedge Pillow Set for any reasons, we guarantee 100% REFUND WITHOUT RETURN. Notice: It might need 24 hours to rebound since the temperature is low recently. (After long-time transportation, there may be slight smell after package open. It would be OK after few hours. Certainly, we offer 100% REFUND if you could not accept.)
  • Earth Mama Postpartum Perineal Care Essentials Kit: 1) Perineal Spray and 1) Perineal Balm
    2 Piece Earth Mama Postpartum Perineal Care Essentials Kit contains one 4 ounce Herbal Perineal Spray and one 2 ounce Organic Perineal Balm Herbal Perineal Spray is a soothing touch-free herbal mist for pregnancy and postpartum use, with a clever upside down sprayer so it’s easier to reach hard to get places. With cucumber, organic witch hazel and organic essential oils, it's safe for both before and after birth. No parabens, propellants, benzocaine or artificial fragrance. Organic Perineal Balm helps provide lasting, cooling comfort for pregnancy and postpartum places. It is made with organic herbs and oils the way herbalists make it, with an exclusive blend of organic witch hazel, lavender, peppermint and other like-minded botanicals traditionally used to soothe, cool and provide relief “down there” before and after childbirth.
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  • TendHer Reusable Perineal Ice Packs for Postpartum & Hemorrhoid Pain Relief, Hot and Cold Packs for Women After Pregnancy or Delivery, Pack of 2 Gel Pads Plus 5 Washable Sleeves
    SOOTHING FEMININE COLD PACKS provide cooling relief from pain and discomfort after child birth delivery, pregnancy, after surgery, c-section incision, reduce swelling, muscle relief, hemorrhoids, stitches and multi use kids. COOLING, CALMING gel pads are made of soft-touch, medical grade film and stay pliable and flexible when frozen, providing much more comfort that standard ice packs and hospital ice packs. Remember to throw them in your hospital bag! WASHABLE AND REUSABLE sleeves provide additional post partum comfort, multi purpose pain relief and a great way to apply witch hazel sprays or tinctures. Natural gel formula is made entirely of vegan ingredients, no artificial preservatives and non toxic. HOT OR COLD PACKS freeze quickly in your freezer and can be heated in hot water, have them frozen and ready when you come home from the hospital. Packs feel great whether cooled, warmed or room temperature. MADE BY PARIDAY, the only certified women-owned creator of perineal ice packs. Founded by 3 new moms who were frustrated with the lack of products to treat their breastfeeding and postpartum pain, we are here to help women through the parts of motherhood no one tells you about. Proudly Made in the USA.
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  • Reusable Perineal Ice Packs with Washable Sleeves – for Hemorrhoids, Postpartum Vaginal Pain, and Groin Discomfort
    NATURAL, INSTANT RELIEF – Are you suffering from groin and vaginal pain as a result of pregnancy or childbirth? Are your symptoms making it difficult to sit or walk comfortably? Help your body recover in the most natural way. PhysioNatural Perineal Ice Packs offer immediate prepartum and postpartum relief from swelling, burning, itching, hemorrhoids, and all vaginal discomfort. These medical-grade gel packs are safe to use during pregnancy and nursing. CLICK ADD TO CART with confidence. COMFORTABLE, REUSABLE & WASHABLE – Comes with six luxuriously smooth and discreet black sleeves, made of a high-tech fabric designed to wick away moisture and keep you feeling fresh and comfortable. The ice packs themselves are made of soft-touch, medical-grade film, filled with a gel that stays flexible when frozen, providing much more comfort and freedom of movement than standard ice packs and hospital ice packs. Each pad will mold to your body with no hassle, stiffness, or bulkiness. SOOTHING & LONG LASTING – PhysioNatural Perineal Ice Packs stay cold for longer than any other pads due to their generous amount of gel. Enjoy extended, cooling relief from pelvic discomfort during pregnancy and after child birth, or after surgery. Reduce swelling and soothe pain from hemorrhoids, stitches, c-section incision, episiotomy, and injuries. Ice pack sleeves are a great way to apply witch hazel sprays or tinctures, turning your treatment sessions into multipurpose pain relief. EASE LASER AND WAX HAIR REMOVAL PAIN – Beauty doesn’t always have to be painful. Prep a PhysioNatural Perineal Ice Pack in the freezer before your hair removal appointment, and be ready to go with a soothing ice therapy session as soon as you’re done. BUY WITH CONFIDENCE FROM A COMPANY THAT VALUES YOU – As a PhysioNatural customer, your satisfaction is our top priority. We work hard to provide quality products that help people live a healthy, pain-free lifestyle, and we’re sure you’re going to love them. If you’re not completely happy with your purchase for any reason, we offer a one-year money back guarantee, no questions asked. Click ADD TO CART with confidence, knowing it’s 100% risk free!
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  • Perineal Ice Packs for Postpartum Soothing Relief for Postpartum Hemorrhoid Pain Childbirth Recovery Care - Labor and Delivery Essentials - Baby Shower Gift - Reusable - Hot or Cold - Pack of 2
    Soothing & Cooling - Get soothing post partum perineal relief with our brand new product, a pack of 2 premium reusable perineal ice/heat gel bead packs with 4 washable sleeves. Measuring 12 inches in length and weighing in at over 200g (7 oz) each for maximum coverage and comfort, our gel bead packs are BPA and Phthalate free. Just What The Doctor Ordered! – With our soft and flexible gel bead perineal cold pack staying cold for the doctor recommended 20 minute window for ice therapy in the post partum perineal area, it’s the perfect solution to provide much needed relief and care in those days and weeks after childbirth. Great For Other Mommy Areas Too! – Use warm or cold on the breast area. Heat in the microwave and use warm to encourage milk let-down and help relieve plugged ducts & mastitis. Or use from the freezer to help relieve the pain and swelling from engorgement. Not Just for Post Partum - When your post partum needs are at an end you can use your gel bead packs for a variety of applications. Toddler bumps, post waxing soreness, sprained ankles as well as pelvic discomforts and migraines. Perfect Gift – With its cute bright pink colors and pretty storage bag our perineal gel bead packs are the perfect gift for the mama to be. Place in a basket of gifts, team it up with our best selling Ninja Mama Peri Bottle and sitz bath soak or give as a gift on its own.
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  • ObboMed SV-2500N (15") Folding Inflatable Portable Ring Donut Seat Pillow Cushion – Relieves Pain from Hemorrhoids, Tailbone and Coccyx, Bed sores, perineal Pain, Sciatica Post Child Birth
    Inflatable and portable donut seat folds compactly for convenient storage and carry on the travel. Provides support and pressure relieve on coccyx and lower back when sitting for prolonged sitting; allow pain area to have proper blood circulation for effective healing process and prevent from swelling and inflammation. Ring shape design help distribute body weight evenly and alleviate the pain and discomfort associated with hemorrhoids and other anal perineal or other post-surgical conditions. (Max. weight capacity is 300 lbs.) Ergonomically contour to hip shape for maximum comfort; made of durable PVC with velour surface for comfy touch. Easy to inflate to desired level of firmness. To inflate, use mouth or consider pump for easy inflation. (Optional ObboMed PP-1010 Plastic Bellows Foot Pump; to deflate, Insert the peak of the cap into the Air Aperture and push the Air leak-Proof Valve/Check Valve (small black circular plat) inside to release the air.
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  • Always Discreet Boutique Incontinence & Postpartum Incontinence Pads for Women, Heavy Absorbency, Long Length, 84 Count
    Always Discreet Boutique offers incredible protection with a fabric-like feel Made differently - Turns liquid to gel and locks it away Flexible and discreet design for a smooth fit under clothes Helps stop leaks at edges Number one combination of protection and softness within the Always Discreet range Always Discreet Boutique Heavy Absorbency Pads are ideal for heavy leaks
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  • Welmedix Rapid Relief Diaper Rash Cream with Zinc Oxide, Hospital Grade Barrier Cream for Adults, and Babies with Fragile or Sensitive Skin (Pack of 1)
    DEVELOPED BY NURSES, our hospital grade diaper rash ointment blends Zinc Oxide and Petrolatum with natural healing ingredients to immediately soothe, and heal inflamed, broken, or damaged skin. GENTLE ON FRAGLE, SENSITIVE SKIN, our diaper paste quickly reduces redness or irritation associated with incontinence, heat rash, chafing, pressure sores, and bed sores. UNIQUE BLEND OF NATURAL INGREDIENTS including Calendula, Beeswax, White Birch Bark Extract, and Shea Butter to help nourish and protect irritated, sensitive skin. THICK BARRIER CREAM with zinc oxide seals out sweat, and bodily fluids to help prevent further skin breakdown. PURCHASE INCLUDES ONE (1) 4oz tube. For best results, cleanse the affected area with Welmedix No-Rinse Cleansing Foam, then apply our Rapid Relief Diaper Rash Cream. All Welmedix HomeCare Pro products are Made in the USA.
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