Test & Price: Strava sensors Evaluation

  • PulseSensor.com the Real & Original Pulse Sensor plug-in for your project.
    This is the Original and the Best! Accept no alternatives. The Pulse Sensor Kit included everything you need for a smooth experience. This Kit Includes: Soft braided-wire ribbon cable. Great for wearables! An Ear Clip that's perfectly sized to the sensor. A Velcro Finger Strap, just like the pro's. Transparent Vinyl Dots, which make electrical insulation simple.
  • Wireless Driveway Alarm, Motion Detector, Outdoor Motion Sensor Weather Resistant (1 Black Sensor Only)
    ✔ Protect Your Family & Property - With Wireless Driveway Alarm, be alerted the moment visitors, vehicles, or even potential intruders enter your property lines, driveway, front porch, gate, shed, walkways and garage. Also great for being alerted if your kids get to close to the swimming pool or areas they shouldn’t go. Each sensor can be placed up to 1000ft/300m away from the receiver (depending on obstacles and environment). ✔ Fully Customizable and Expandable - Create up to four unique detection zones with 4 sensors each, meaning up to 16 total sensors per receiver protecting your property. LED lights on the receiver indicate which sensor zone has detected movement so you can act quickly. THE ALARM SOUND OF THE 4TH ZONE CAN BE CUSTOMIZED FROM AMONG 36 AVAILABLE MELODIES. If you need custom ringtones, please install the PIR sensor in the 4th zone. ✔ Avoid False Alarms with Adjustable Sensor Windows - Rotate the cap on the PIR (Passive Infrared) sensor to adjust its detection angle between 30°, 45°, and 60°. Proper adjustment can help avoid false alarms from passing cars, small animals, or even leaves in the wind. Our sensor uses Passive Infrared Technology to pick up motion AND heat, meaning dead leaves won’t activate it. ✔ Super Easy to Install & Diy - Takes only a few minutes to set up. The recommended installation height for the PIR sensor is 3.3-4.9ft(1.0-1.5m). The PIR sensor detecting distance is 16.4-26.2ft(5-8m). Install the PIR sensor in key monitoring areas such as the entrance to a garage, store, or house. Please kindly install the sensor 3-4 feet off the ground, which can keep wind and many small animals from triggering the sensor. ✔ Excellent Quality - The PIR sensor is made of double waterproof/weatherproof material rated IP65 and has been extensively tested in extreme weather. Suitable for both outdoor and indoor use. Note: Package Includes 1 x Receiver, 2 x PIR Sensors, 2 x Base for PIR Sensor Installation, 8 x Wall Plugs, 8 x Screws, 1 x Screwdriver, 1 x Instruction Manual.
  • Frostory Car Reverse Backup Parking Sensor Radar System, Buzzer Beeps, Detection Distance:30~150CM, Waterproof Sensors (22mm Diameter 2.3M Cable) 4 Packs X60D (Silver)
    Double CPU and upgraded chip for improve coverage and detection (0-2.5m) Water-resistant, anti-freeze, operating temperature:-40 ~ +80. Work in almost any weather BiBiBi beeps progressively when close to obstacle Rated working voltage:10V~16V DC Easy to install
  • Adust Motion Sensor Alarm, Wireless Driveway Alarm, Home Security Business Detect Alert with 4 Sensor and 2 Receiver,38 Chime Tunes - LED Indicators
    【Customize ringtones to determine where to trigger an alert】This set include 4 Sensor and 2 Receiver Every Receiver connect 2 Sensor,You can set different ringtones for 2 different receivers to know where the alarm is triggered. Receiver support to pair with multiple sensors, Sensors can be installed on different floors (rooms) to ensure that alert chime. 【Wireless Plug-in Receiver】The portable wireless plug-in receiver plugs into any standard outlet. The sensor uses 3 AAA batteries (Not Included). Detection time delay in between motion sensor alerts is configurable from 15 seconds to 30 seconds, just place the sensor at the entrance to your driveway and the receiver inside your home. 【Wide Working Range】Working Range up to 328 feet (100 meters) between receiver and transmitter allowing you to place it a good distance from the receiver to warn you of arrival and departure of family members, unwanted guests or solicitors, or anyone who visits your home or business 【Wide Appliaction】Ideal for front doors, window frames, driveways, walking paths, and anywhere in your home you want to be alerted to motion. Also great to alert business owners that are working in the back, or out of sight, to customers entering their store.Please note that this not waterproof.Keep it away from rains or cover adequately. 【Easy, Fast, Wire Free Installation】Infrared sensor detects motion and sends a signal to the receiver. Chose from 38 Ringtones with Bright LED Light. Sensor is wall mountable.
    36,99 $ 38,99 $ -5%
  • Wsdcam Bike Alarm with 2 Remotes, 113dB Loud Alarm, Waterproof, Adjustable Sensitivity, Window Door Alarm Vibration Sensor Bicycle Alarm
    Vibration triggered alarm suitable for Bikes, Electric Bike, Motorcycles, Scooter, Car, Doors and Windows... Wireless control by remote. 2 remotes can control the one alarm at the same time. Easy to find your vehicles by 6 kinds of bells Deterring thieves effectively by 113 dB loud alarm, IP55 waterproof, suitable for outdoor use 7 level adjustable sensitivity from gently touch to push or beat Super easy installation by pasting with double-sided sticker or tying it with strap
    24,99 $
  • Tragoods Heart Rate Monitor Sensor for Arduino, Pulse Sensor Plug-in for Arduino, Pulse Sensor Pulsesensor Sensor Module
    ❤ The Tragoods Pulse Sensor is a heart rate sensor designed for Arduino microcontrollers.Development professionals use. ❤The Pulse Sensor Kit brings you all the experience you need, a complete package. ❤The kit includes: A 24inch 3p DuPont line, A soft Velcro Finger Strap, A sensor size sensor ear clip, 4 Velcro dots and 9 transparent protective dot ❤Pulse Sensor is a well-designed plug-and-play heart-rate sensor for Arduino. Support a variety of development boards, such as Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Particle, littleBits, micro:bit etc ❤This is an open source product. The website provides the corresponding open source arduino program and Processing program. graphs your pulse in real time.
    16,99 $ 17,99 $ -6%
  • Piper Sensor Explorer: Add a Real Temperature Sensor, Color Sensor & Ultrasonic Range Finder to The Piper Computer Kit!
    NEW STORYMODE ADVENTURES oTerreSense: Stabilize a planet’s climate, energy, water & environment. oChameleon Giant: Capture color in our world, export it to an alien one. oPost 34 ½: Measure distance in our world, solve challenges on a distant planet. RUGGED COMPONENTS: Temperature & Color Sensor, Ultrasonic Rangefinder, 4-Pin Diode Cables (2), Sensor Profile Cards (3). MORE PIPERCODE PROJECTS: Monitor your temperature, synthesize sci-fi sounds, code colors in Google Blockly!
    49,00 $
  • DFRobot Gravity: Analog Heart Rate Monitor Sensor (ECG) for Arduino
    The DFRobot Heart Rate Monitor Sensor is used to measure the electrical activity of the heart As this sensor can work at 3.3V which make it compatible with Raspberry Pi, Intel Edison, joule and curie NOTE: This product is NOT a medical device and is not intended to be used as such or as an accessory to such nor diagnose or treat any conditions
    24,90 $
  • XOSS Bike Cadence Sensor & Speed Sensor Speedometer Bicycle ANT+ Bluetooth 4.0 Wireless Cycle Computer (2 Pack)
    【WARNING】Before purchasing, please read the product description carefully and confirm whether the XOSS cadence sensor (speedometer) is compatible with your device or mobile APP. The sensor can't be connected with XOSS APP. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact customer service. 【DUAL MODE OF SPEED AND CADENCE】Just switch mode between speed or cadence by reinstalling the battery. Each individual sensor can process either speed or cadence but not both at the same time. If you want both data, please buy two pack of sensors. THERE ARE TWO PACK OF SENSORS IN THE PACKAGE. 【SUPPORT ANT+ & BLUETOOTH 4.0】Sensors are compatible with all devices that support ANT+ protocol, such as Garmin, Bryton, XOSS G+ and other bike computers. It supports Bluetooth connection with mobile phone apps such as Wahoo Fitness, Wahoo Utility, Openrider and cycling trainer apps such as Zwift, Tacx and Bkool. There are compatibility differences between Android and iOS. DUE TO APPS UPDATE, THERE IS ALL OR PARTIAL INCOMPATIBILITY IN THE APPS NOT MENTIONED. 【SUPPORTS DUAL PROTOCOL CONNECTION】A sensor can connect with mobile APP and Ant+ devices and record data at the same time. PLEASE DO NOT CONNECT SENSORS IN THE PHONE BLUETOOTH SETTINGS. 【IP67,400HRS BATTERY LIFE, 10g, EASY TO INSTALL】No matter the weather, long battery life, light weight, they mean happier riding. The speedometer is mounted on the wheel hub and the cadence sensor is mounted on the crank. There are two sizes of rubber bands in the package, suitable for a variety of bicycle sizes.
    38,99 $
  • MMTC SAG-M Siren Operated Sensor Gate Opener Activator Emergency Security
    New and Improved Siren Operated Sensor Allows Entry of Emergency Vehicles through Gates the Siren Activates Gate Opener while all other sounds are rejected, Comes with a 4X5 Inch Reflective Sign, 12-24VAC/DC
    239,95 $