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  • SP Air Corporation SP-0167 Recipro Saw (Gear Type) with 5Piece Replacement Blade Combo Kit
    Powerful enough to cut steel, frp, rubber and resin objects such as bumpers Length: 1.3 pounds, air consumption of 2.7 CFM 0.47-Inch stroke and operates at 5, 300 strokes per minute Equipped with safety lever, blade guide, and air regulator Durable and high quality construction expertly made in Japan
  • Silky New Professional Series Replacement Blade for POCKETBOY 170mm Medium Teeth, 341-17 (Pack of 6)
    5 inch (130mm) blade length 8.5 teeth per inch (10 teeth per 30mm) teeth configuration Hard chrome-plated Taper-ground and impulse-hardened non-set tooth design 6 PACK
  • Komondor Detachable Clipper Replacement Blade, Size 3mm
    Leaves hair 3mm | 1/8" Ceramic cutter stays cool while in use and help eliminate the risk of overheating Increased durability for a long-lasting edge Fits all Komondor clippers Available in a variety of sizes to suit any coat type and fur length
  • Komondor Detachable Clipper Replacement Blade, Size 9mm
    28,50 $
  • DS0614BF5 Reciprocating Saw Blade, Pack of 5
    N/A Imported Freud tools reciprocating saw blade, series: Demo demon, 6 in length, 14/18, dual teeth, bi-metal cutting edge, steel body, applicable materials: metal, for metal range 3/32 - 5/16 in Provides secure connections to components and lines This product is manufactured in Canada
    44,90 $
  • PolyHero Dice: Rogue: Level Up Pack: 5d8 Crossbow Bolts: Nightshade
    Contains 5 crossbow bolt shaped 8-sided dice in Nightshade
    13,99 $
  • Kretzer Finny 65609 (70609) 3.5"/ 9cm - Cuticle/Embroidery/Fly-Fishing/Thread Scissors, Curved Blades
    100% Made in Germany, Solingen Pointed tip for precise cutting. Short fine blade for precise cutting. Pointed short tip for precise working. Stainless, fine scissors for a precise cut, with an adjustable screw.
    15,95 $
  • Panasonic Shaver Head Replacement with Outer Foil and Inner Blade Features Nanotech Blades, Multi-Fit Arc Foil and 3-Blade Cutting System
    Multi-fit Arc Foil Follows the contours of your face 3-Blade Cutting System For a fast, smooth & close shave Nanotech Blades 30- Degree inner blades cuts the hair at its base Replace with true Panasonic parts. It is recommended that you replace the outer foil at least every year to maintain your shaver's cutting performance Panasonic Replacement Outer Foil and Inner Blade for ES-SL41, ES-LT71-S, ES-LT41-K, ES8103S and older model ES8109S
    69,99 $
  • Westcott E-15805 00 Replacement Blade for Multi-Purpose Personal Trimmer/Standard/Score-Blade (Pack of 2)
    Westcott replacement blades - 1x cutting blade, 1x folding blade stainless steel blades easy to change replacement blades for personal trimmer item-# E-15804 00 / 15804
    11,47 $
  • Raptorazor Mano Hunting Replacement Blades (Pack of 5)
    REPLACEMENT BLADES - 5 factory sharpened stainless steel blades FOR MANO - Compatible with Mano housing LIGHTWEIGHT - 420 stainless steel, 0.06 oz each EASY ASSEMBLY - Alignment holes for quick assembly RAZOR SHARP - Fast, clean way to skin and process game
    22,95 $