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  • Komondor Detachable Clipper Replacement Blade, Size 3mm
    Leaves hair 3mm | 1/8" Ceramic cutter stays cool while in use and help eliminate the risk of overheating Increased durability for a long-lasting edge Fits all Komondor clippers Available in a variety of sizes to suit any coat type and fur length
  • Replacement Blades,For RT-200/218,Straight Blade Set,Silver, Sold as 1 Each
    Premium steel blade. Delivers a precise cut. Ideal for creating cards, scrapbook pages and a lot of other projects.
  • Clipper Blade For Lister Body Clippers, Medium Blade
    A2F/AC blades Medium blade for horses Comb has 35 teeth, is 75 mm wide Leaves 1.4mm of hair on the animal
  • Dorco Pace 6 Plus Power - Six Blade Power Razor System with Trimmer (12 Cartridges (No Handle)…)
    6 Precision Aligned Blades, Battery Powered: Produces soothing vibrations that help reduce friction and increase razor glide while providing an effortless shave enhancing experience. Ergonomic Handle: Non-slip surface design allows maneuvering. Advanced Lubricating Strip: A unique combination of Aloe, Vitamin E and Lavender lubricates, calms and protects even the most sensitive skin. Trimmer-Sculpting Tool: A 7th blade for refining and styling tricky shaving spots like sideburns and mustaches. Wide Venetian Flow: Allows for easy rinsing. This features also increases blade life. Guard Bar - Preps Hair: Soft rubber surface effortless gliding on the skin.
    30,99 $
  • Komondor Detachable Clipper Replacement Blade, Size 9mm
    28,50 $
  • Mars Coat King Spare Blade, Double Wide 23 blade, Medium
    Replacement blade for the Mars Original Double Wide Coat King 23 Blade Medium Tempered high-grade stainless steel blades Easy to install (see direction below) Stripping blade quickly and easily remove loose hair, especially thick undercoats German quality & engineering; manufactured in Germany
    26,99 $
  • CablePrep Blade Replacement Drop Stripping Tool 6590
    14,64 $
  • Blade Tail Rotor Prop (3): mCPX BL2, BLH6012
    4,29 $
  • Garvey Economy Single Edge Cutter Blade, Box of 100 (40475) (Limited Edition)
    Box of 100 blades .009-Inch thick Compatible with Jiffi-Cutter and Window Scraper
    15,95 $
  • IMS CBLD23 Scalpel Sterile Blades #23 Carbon Steel Individually Foil Wrapped, Box of 100
    Individually foil wrapped Major tool in dissection experimentation, medical/surgical procedures & for hobbying/arts & crafts Curved cutting edge is one of the more traditional blade shapes Used generally for making small incisions Fits handles 4, 4l, 4 graduated & 6b
    9,99 $