Top5 Solar-powered sight – POC Solar Switch glasses feature Complete Test

  • Go Power! Solar Elite Complete Solar and Inverter System with 380 Watts of Solar
    DC inverter install kit (GP-DC-KIT4), 50' of MC4 output cable (#10) and all mounting hardware (2 x GP-MH-4) 2000 watt pure sine wave Inverter Charger for AC power (GP-IC-2000), with built-in 100 amp battery charger and 50 amp dual leg transfer switch Inverter charger remote (GP-ICR-50) 30 amp pulse width modulated digital regulator with Bluetooth (GP-PWM-30) DC inverter install kit (GP-DC-KIT4), 50' of MC4 output cable (#10) and all mounting hardware (2 x GP-MH-4)
  • USB Smart Output Pyranometer/Solar Power Meter, Apogee SP-420 Silicon Cell for Commercial Solar Radiation Collection.
    Spectral Range 360 to 1120 nm, AL-120 or AL-100 mounting and leveling plates available on Amazon as well. Accurate and stable global shortwave radiation measurement in W m-2 4 year warranty Output Options Available in multiple analog options and attached to a hand-held meter with a digital output.
    Rugged, robust and handheld, with active backlight and inbuilt cable illuminating torch – ideal for use in confined and/or dark spaces High performance instrument for measuring AC and DC power Includes MC4 test leads for DC power measurements (others available) Power factor measurement and harmonic analysis up to 25 th harmonic for inverter performance analysis The Solar Power Clamp is a feature-packed Power Analyser designed to enable maintenance, troubleshooting and efficiency measurements on photovoltaic systems
  • Seaward Solar Survey 100 Irradiance Meter
    5 in 1 Solar Survey Tool, Irradiance, Inclinometer, Compass And 2 Channel Temperature Measurement Suitable for both photovoltaic and solar thermal installations Measures irradiance as required by IEC 62446 Built-in compass and inclinometer measure roof orientation and pitch Supplied with suction mount temperature probe for hands-free ambient and surface temperature measurement (Solar Survey 200R only)
    595,16 $
  • Brightology Solarscape Solar Spotlight (4 Lights) Outdoor Lights for Garden, Landscape, Patio & Pathway l White LED, IP44 Weatherproof, Adjustable Panel
    Each Solarscape Set Includes 4 Landscape Lights wiht Built In Solar Battery + 4 Mounting Stakes. This Pack includes 4 Lights Total Dusk to Dawn Technology - Automatically turns on & off Solar Powered - Equipped with a AAA Sized 200 MAh / 1.2V Rechargeable battery for each light and can achieve 6-8 hours of light when fully charged. LED Light - Energy Efficient LED and Promotes a Warm White Light IP44 Rated, Weatherproof, easy to install & no wires
    55,88 $
  • TOPCHANCES Handheld Portable Digital Solar Power Irradiance Meter Solar Power Radiation Meter Sun Irradiance Mesurement Sun Irradiance Tester 400-1100nm TES-1333
    Wide spectral range.Excellent long term stability.Cosine corrected. Automatic transmission measurements.Select either power or transmission.Solar energy power or transmission.Auto Data memory. Current time setting function.User calibration factor setting function. End-mount light sensor. Select either W/m2 or Btu / (ft2*h) units.Data Hold / MAX / AVG modes. Data Memory and Read function. (99 sets.) Applications:Meteorology,agriculture ,solar radiation measurement,solar power research, physics and optical laboratories,solar transmission measurement ,identify high performance windows.
    139,99 $
  • Digital Solar Radiation Meter, Solar Power Sun Light Radiation Measuring Testing Instrument
    ✔This meter is a precision instrument measuring the intensity of sunlight. ✔There are two units that can be selected: W/m² and Btu. It supports maximum value hold function and data hold function. ✔Measure directly without adjustment, steadily measure for a long period. ✔Widely used for solar radiation measurement, solar energy research, meteorology, agriculture, physical and optical experiments. ✔It can also be used to measure the light transmission intensity of glass to verify the performance of the glass, for example, car window performance test.
    88,99 $
  • Nature Power 21070 Solar Powered LED Stainless Steel Pathway Lights, 2-Pack
    Pack of two Stainless steel construction for long lasting rust free lights Fast and easy installation, mounting hardware included Lights will run up to 8 hours on a full charge, batteries included Lights measure 4.5 by 4.5 inches square and 0.75 inch high
    23,57 $
  • Roxy-G2 Solar Outdoor/Indoor Lighting Kit with Lithium Battery, Photo Sensor for Auto On/Off, 3-Level Brightness Control, 15ft Cable, for Garage/Workshop/Cabin/Yard
    Light fixture is fitted with Lithium battery: 3.7V 2400mAh. High power LED: 9pcs, 150 lumen. Textured lens for optimum brightness, minimum glare, and enhanced light projection. Push button ON/OFF switch. Aluminium frame polycrystalline solar panel: 6V 2W. Cable length 15ft conveniently allows placement of solar panel for optimum sunlight exposure. ROXY-G2 is made of durable ABS & Aluminum construction. When used as outdoor lighting, place the PRESS BUTTON switch downward to prevent rain water accumulation/ water seepage. Ideal for garage, cabin, car porch, balcony, backyard. ***TURN OFF THE LIGHT AND CHARGE UNDER SUNLIGHT FOR 10 HOURS BEFORE USE. LOW BATTERY POWER DURING SHIPPING A PRACTICE FOR GOOD SAFETY. PROTECT YOUR FAMILY AND OTHERS' SAFETY.*** Package includes: 1*light fixture, 1*solar panel, 1*15ft cable.
    33,99 $
  • FLUKE Solar Power Meter 3474979 (SOLAR-100)
    325,00 $