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  • NO Pain Energy Cell by VitalField Technologies • Alternative Pain Relief Through Advanced Frequency Therapy • Long Lasting, Natural Remedy • Helps Alleviate Back Pain, Arthritis, Muscle Pain & More
    WHAT IS ENERGY CELL: Simply put, our Energy Cell is a revolutionary method to reduce pain, made possible by major scientific breakthroughs. The Energy Cell can support a less pain-filled life, the natural and safe way. No Doctors, No Surgery, No Drugs, No Pain! HOW IT WORKS: Vital Fields - nature’s life-promoting frequencies - support the body’s inherent healing mechanisms. Simply place the Energy Cell on a pain area and secure it in place using one of the provided adhesive patches. Zero negative side-effects have been reported. Non-Invasive. Non-Chemical. Non-Addictive. SIGNIFICANT PAIN-RELIEVING EFFECTS: ✓ Arthritis ✓ Headache ✓ Osteoporosis ✓ Lower back pain ✓ Tissue or bone injury ✓ Post-surgical pain ✓ Muscle sprain or tension ✓ Upper back pain ✓ Post-trauma pain ✓ & MORE Below FROM CHRONIC DISEASE TO ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE: Vital Fields have been researched and developed over the past 4 decades by experts, scientists and a community of over 2,800 clinics and health practitioners in Switzerland, Germany, and Austria, who use them in wide health-related applications, from chronic disease to athletic performance. LONG LASTING CHEM-FREE SOLUTION: One Energy Cell is active and functional for a minimum of 6 months! It represents a chemical-free, long-term solution for 90% of our customers that doesn't burden the body or have any side-effects. The pain-relieving effect can take minutes, hours, or up to a few days, depending on the individual and the nature of the pain.
  • Pain Relief Cream - Maximum Strength 50,000 MG - Fast Relief from Pain, Ache, Arthritis & Inflammation - Made & 3rd Party Lab Tested in USA
    ◆ ALL YOU NEED FOR A PAIN-FREE LIFE - We believe you are looking for some pain relief. With experience of more than 26 years, Dr. Joel has formulated the best ever pain killer cream. Our clinically proven cream gives you the premium experience of pain-free life & limitless skin benefits! ◆ MAXIMUM POTENCY, SUPERIOR VALUE - If you are tired of no-result low potency creams, be advised that you are finally in the right place! The volume of 2oz (60ml) with 50,000mg extract takes your pain away in no time! ◆ ORGANIC INGREDIENTS, NATURAL SOLUTION - We believe in using natural solutions to heal our body. Herbal oil, emu oil, arnica montana, aloe vera and many other organic ingredients gives you another level experience of non-toxic natural solution. Get a life without ache and inflammation! ◆ EASY ABSORPTION, FAST RELIEF - Quick absorption gives you fast relief to your back, knee, elbow, shoulder, neck, hip & muscle. Exclusive formula keeps away arthritis and chronic pains. With aloe vera, MCT oil and omega 3 experience a hydrated, nourished & soft skin you had never before! Better than any other balm, salve, lotion or ointment. ◆ BUY WITH CONFIDENCE - The main ingredient herbal extract is freshly collected from the farms of Colorado. With confidence and proud we stand behind our product. If we fall short of your expectations- feel free to contact us! With 100% moneyback guarantee, hit the BUY NOW with confidence and enjoy a PAIN-FREE life!
  • KOPE PAIN GEL * Created by Board-Certified Pain Physician * Relieves Muscle Aches, Arthritis, Neck, Back, Knee & Nerve Pain - Odorless, Deep Absorption & Fast-Acting *Made in USA*
    Reduces inflammation and relaxes muscles Deep penetrating and fast-acting formula Non-staining, non-greasy, and fragrance free *Comes in airless bottle: 1.7 fl. oz *Made in USA
  • Pain Care Labs – Buzzy Healthcare Vibrating Ice Pack – Non Invasive Cold Pad Device for IV Placement, Long Procedures – Professional Tool for IVF, Diabetes, Needle Pain Relief (Mini, LadyBuzz)
    DECREASE SHARP PAIN – This handheld device acts as a massager to naturally and quickly minimize sharp pain (from 50-80%) from needle sticks like blood draws and finger pricks. BEST CHOICE FOR INJECTIONS – Through a combination of vibration and ice pain-blocking methods, this FDA 510(k) cleared topical product is the most proven way to control pain associated with venipuncture and cosmetic injections. DESIGNED FOR CLINICAL USE – The Buzzy Healthcare is designed for multi-patient usage and is the best choice for home injections, first aid, and itching, ideal for 2-3 uses per week. AS SEEN ON SHARK TANK – This award winning medical device made quite the impression when it appeared on the hit show Shark Tank. See for yourself what got Mark Cuban, Robert Herjavec, and Kevin O’Leary buzzing. ALL SUPPLIES INCLUDED – The Buzzy Healthcare bundle comes with 2 single-patient reusable slip-on ice wings each guaranteed to last for 100 uses, instructions, and batteries. Replacing AAA batteries is easy.
    99,95 $
  • VasoCorp NeuropAWAY Neurop Pain Relief | 2 oz Maximum Strength Gel Nerve Pain Relief and neurop Pain Relief for feet, neurop Support for Burning Numbness Pain in Legs and feet Topical Gel.
    🙏 FAST PAIN RELIEF - Looking for neurop pain relief for feet? 🙏 HEALTHY NERVE FUNCTION - If you need sciatic nerve pain relief, leg, foot or other nerve pain relief , then you will be delighted with this topical gel.. 🙏 REDUCED NUMBNESS, TINGLING, BURNING - Simple, proven, effective topical gel for neurop. Get neurop relief that helps all of the diabetic neurop symptoms. 🙏 IMMEDIATE RESULTS - Feel better quickly and get neurop pain relief with our most effective and award-winning formula.
    29,99 $
  • BioStim INF with Two Electrodes, Edema Reduction, Pain Releief, Total Treatment Bipolar Stimulation
    Total Treatment allow for easy setup and patient instruction Also features a timer for the desired treatment time Operates from four AA batteries Quantity: 1
    176,39 $
  • Theraworx Relief Joint Discomfort 3.4 Oz Inflammation Foam, 2 Compression Gloves
    PROVEN RELIEF: Relieves arthritic, inflamed, sore, or overused joints. NO MESS: Comes in a fast-absorbing foam with a light scent that leaves no residue or strong odor EASY APPLICATION: In just three simple steps, you can get fast, targeted muscle cramp relief. SAFE AND GENTLE: Our non-toxic, gentle formulation can be applied as often as needed, anywhere on the body. FAST ACTING: Feel better just minutes after massaging onto sore joints.
    29,99 $
  • Compression Socks for Men & Women Suitable for Running, Medical, Athletic, Edema, Diabetic, Varicose Veins, Travel, Nursing (Pink, 20-30 mmHg)
    Compression socks prevent blood from pooling in your legs to reduce swelling, enhance the circulation, soothing and massage legs and feet to relieve symptoms of varicose veins. Improve your blood flow and deliver the maximum amount of oxygen throughout your body to perform at the highest level with breathable compression technology. Enjoy more energy and less soreness as the compression design allows the lactic acid that causes soreness to dissipate, preventing it from building up in your muscles and reducing inflammation and soreness. Comfortable nylon socks: The strongest compression is perfectly located on heel, foot & calves, and the toe area won't squeeze Your aching toe joints. The nylon elastic fabric is very comfortable and durable, not tight, not easy to fall. Best gift: for runners, joggers, Basketball player, football player, Office workers, travelers, nurses and people who have long-distance travel.
    9,99 $
  • Acupressure Mat Spike Body Mat for stress, neck pain, back pain or foot pain relief
    Cotton covered sponge rubber mat with 234 pieces of patented blunt spikes A total of 6,318 nails provide the ultimate stimulation of your skin and acupressure points Stimulates and invigorates your back, legs, feet, neck and body Perfect for stimulating blood circulation and relaxation 100% cotton fabric is color fast, hand washable and certified free of chemicals, metals, toxins and residues
    29,95 $
  • Pain Relief Cream 4oz Tube - Relieves: Inflammation, Muscle, Joint, Back, Knee, Foot, Plantar Fasciitis, Nerve Pain - Contains Natural Organic Ingredients - 100% Guarantee - Active 10
    25,95 $