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  • Zopsc Mini Portable Locator GSM GPRS GPS LBS Real Time Tracker Device for Cars Magnetic, Support Remote Control of Mobile Phone, Tracking, Monitoring Surveillance, Emergency Alarms and Management
    Support Internet Network data transmission. Support GPS and LBS double tracking system, improve the accuracy of position. Handheld and vehicle purpose. Used widely for the tracking of vehicle, person and other moving objects. Super magnetic force. Build-in 2 pcs strong magnets, you can put it on the metal plate and absorb automatically. Support remote control of mobile phone. Function: record, Sound monitoring, GPS track, machine state, restart, etc.
  • SpyCent USB Tracker Cahrger (Look) GPS Tracker for Vehicles Call Back Function SMS Control Audio Control Hidden Vehicle Tracking
    👍[Voice Call back function] - Send a movement alert to the user when it begins to move 👍[Track the location] of the lost or stolen vehicles. 👍[SMS or GPRS] and check position on google earth/maps - direct link to map on SMS 👍[Car charger] with USB port can power up mobile phone, MP3 player, camera, GPS navigator and other similar electronic devices. 👍[Audio Control] - you can call and hear what happend around
  • Osmewy Vehicle GPS Tracking Device Motorcycle Tracker Alarm Wired Car GPS Tracker Hidden for Electric Bicycle Truck Bus Locator Anti-Theft Alarm Remote Cut Off Oil & Power Anti-Loss GT032
    【Wired Car GPS Tracker】: Black Vehicle GPS Tracking Device, is Simple & Easy to install for Vehicles, Car, Truck, Bus, Motorcycle, Electric bicycle. Especially good for Elder or younger driver. Free charge and 24-hours online tracking. Includes a relay, to protect the tracker and vehicle. 【Power Off Alarm & Remote Cut off Oil】: If the theft found the tracker, as he get it off, you will receive a power off alarm on your phone. And If you found your lovely car is stolen, you can remotely cut off the oil and power from the tracker APP, then the thief can not use your it anymore. 【Other Functions】: Built-in GSM and GPS double antennas with ACC to detect ignition. Geo fence, Vibration alarm, Offline alarm, Power Off Alarm is perfect to anti-theft. And if it is stolen away, Real-Time tracking, Historical route, Remote cut off oil and power, can help you to find it back and anti-loss. Over speed alarm, monitor the younger driver. 【2G SIM CARD & NETWORK】The GPS tracker needs a GSM 2G SIM card. SIM Card Not Included. Please confirm your area supports GSM 2G network: 850/900/1800/1900MHz. Consult from T- Mobile or AT&T store. If so, you can buy a 2G SIM with 5USD/month on Amazon or from your local operator. 【ACTIVATE SIM GPRS & FREE APP】: If you active the GPRS Data of the SIM card, then Download our “GPSONE” APP, login by the IMEI code (on the tracker), and password is 123456. - If not activate GPRS, then Set admin number by SMS to receive alarms.
  • Ultra Mini GF-07 GPS Long Standby Magnetic SOS Tracking Device for Vehicle/Car/Person Location Tracker Locator System Anti-Lost Device
    Small size and light weight, easy for carry. Black shell, easy to hide, perfect for tracking vehicles, teens, spouses, elderly persons or assets. With two powerful magnets inside, easy to attach to vehicle firmly, no extra installation need. All you need is a working SIM card (NOT included!) to insert into the device, then you can track and map (with Google Maps) in real-time over the Internet. Dial SIM card number, then you can hear voice around this tracker, with no light and no noise, you can monitoring and spy what's going on around the tracker silently and secretly. Voice Recording Function: Send text message 555 to SIM card number, it will reply a message ¡°Snd¡± and start recording, SIM card and TF card are not included.
    12,99 $ 16,99 $ -24%
  • GPS Tracker for Vehicles, 2500mAh IoT Real-time GPS Tracking Device for Car NB-IoT Cat-M 4G Small Hidden GPS Locator for Vehicle, Car, Personal, Valuable - with Global SIM Card - 30-Days
    ➯True Professional Class GPS Tracking Device for Car: Adopted the latest LTE-M, NB-loT, Cat-M technology, perfect for tracking vehicles and people in a long distance. Access reports anytime via Smartphone (iOS and Android), Mac PC or Windows PC, keep an eye on your vehicles, kids, elderly parents in real time. ➯2500mAh Super Low Power Consumption Industrial Grade Battery: With a high-quality powerful 2500mAh battery, this GPS tracker offers upto 30 days of continuous working time and upto 1 years of standby time. Battery level will be displayed on APP/WEB, you can easily monitor its battery life and recharge it in time. This battery-based GPS tracker can be swapped quickly between cars since there aren't any wires required. ➯Industrial Grade Super Bulit-in Powerful Magnet: This GPS tracker has a powerful magent inside, it can be placed on any metallic surface in the vehicles or other valuable stuff, sturdy enough to against 25LB force. You don’t need to buy a extra case. No sound or indicator light, make it a truly hidden tracker for tracking vehicles and assets. Support Geo-fence, history record, movement speed, movement route, group management and more practical functions. ➯Come with a International SIM Card (Data Only), Works with Mufti-carriers Network▨: A free global sim card will come with this GPS tracker. This global SIM can roams across T-mobile, AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and any network to pickup the carriers automatically and ensure your tracker stays connected all the time. Please note: Monthly subscription fee is required. No hidden fees, no contract, never auto-renew, cancel it any time. ➯Prefessional Web Platform and User-friendly APP, Live Chat Tech Support: You are covered by a worry-free 1 years warranty, 90 day no reason return and refund, 100% money back promised, lifetime tech support. If you need any help, please feel free to contact us or follow the user manual to live chat with our tech support team. We are all at your service!
    35,99 $
  • WINNES GPS Tracker with SIM Card 10000mAh Waterproof Anti-Lost 3G GPS Locator with Geo-Fence SOS Alarm Hidden Vehicles Tracking Device for Cars/Trucks/Motorcycles(3G TK905B with SIM)
    ☛☛☛【3G GPS With Free SIM Card】: 3G TKSTAR TK905B GPS Tracker includes a SIM Card and 2 Free Month Service. Free trial for the first two months after the SIM card is activated. ♥【Notice】♥: After you received our GPS tracker, please contact us in time and we will send you a SIM card.【E-mail:; Whatsapp: +8615581010480】 ☛☛☛【Real-time Positioning and Accurate Positioning】: Working based on existing WCDMA/GSM/GPRS network and GPS satellites, our 3G Car tracker can real-time locate and monitor any remote targets by SMS, APP and Web plarform. It adopts the most advanced technology of GPS and AGPS dual positioning, positioning accuracy up to 5 meters. ☛☛☛ 【Alarm】: Moving alarm, shock alarm, overspeed, low power alarm. All of these features can be viewed live on your phone for your peace of mind. Widely used for tracking the location of lost or stolen cars,motorcycles,trucks,fleets,boat,etc. ☛☛☛ 【Electronic Fence】: You can set up a geofence for the tracker to restrict its movements within a district. The radius of the geofence is adjustable from 0-5000m. The GPS locator will send alarm information to APP or send a message to the authorized number when it goes out of or get in this district. ☛☛☛ 【Strong Magnet】: No installation required; With a strong magnet, the tracking device can be mounted quickly and stably. Easy attachment to any iron surface with Strong Magnet, even under the car just a second. Easy to hidden.
    99,98 $
  • TKSTAR GPS Tracker for Kids, Mini Car GPS Tracker Personal Anti-Lost Alarms SOS Emergency GPS Realtime Tracking Device with Geofence GPS Locator for Kids Elderly Seniors Dogs Bike Assets Management
    ☞【5USD /month】SIM Card Not Included. This device needs a 2G SIM. Please buy a 2G SIM for it. SpeedTalk(it's affiliated with T-Mobile) provides 2G service, 5usd/month, you can buy one from amazon. Please confirm whether your area supports 2G, most areas support 2G network (you can go to the T-Mobile store to consult) ☞【Mini Personal GPS Tracker】1.57"*0.94"*0.70", and the weight of the device is about 0.8 ounces. With the mini size, it's a straightforward and stealthy way to track teens, spouses, pets, seniors, luggage and all sorts of important belongings. Built-in 600 mAh lithium-ion battery, standby time 150h, working mode 20-50h. ☞【SOS Emergency Alams】New upgraded SOS button Design, kids/seniors can press it to send alarms to seek for help when they are in an emergency, such as when slipping, losing or being hijacked. Intimate design for your loved one. ☞【Realtime Positioning & Precise Positon】GPS/LBS/WiFi multiple mode positioning provides you peace of mind. Real-time tracking through the website or mobile app (using Google Maps data), and you can also get GPS coordinates via SMS. Accuracy up to 16ft.
    50,98 $
  • LMHOME Mini GPS Tracker Vehicle Tracker GSM GPS Locator LM002, Super Long Stanby GPS Tracker Strong Magnetic Multi-Function Free APP/Platform
    【Global Locate GPS Tracker】this gps tracker work based on GPS +LBS+GSM ,so it can work perfectly around the worldwide matter where you are ,as long as that place have GPS signal ,you can tracking it by SMS/Calling and App/Web. 【Anti Theft Funtion】:Geo Fence,Vibration alert,Set up a geo-fence for this tracker to restrict its movements within a district. your phone will get a alarm messages when the device get out of the district. if your car vibrates, your phone will receive a need to worry your car been stolen. 【Waterproof/Strong Magnet】:IP58 Waterproof ,No need to worry about rainy days。With a strong magnet, the device can be mounted quickly and stably. Easy attachment to any iron surface with Strong Magnet. 【$5 /month 】 SIM Card Not Included. This device need a 2G SIM . Please buy a 2G SIM for it. T-Mobile and SpeedTalk provide2G service. We recommend:Speedtalk, $5/month,you can buy one from amazon.
    28,50 $
  • ZEERKEER Mini GPS Tracker Real Time Anti-Thief Mini GPS Locator Hidden Micro GPS Tracking Device for Kids, Elderly, Wallet, Luggage and Important Document(TK921)
    ★【Real-time Positioning and Precise Positioning】: Working based on existing GSM/GPRS network and GPS satellites, our mini GPS can locate and monitor any remote targets by SMS, APP and Internet. It adopts the most advanced technology of GPS/WIFI and AGPS positioning. ★【Multifunction】: Real-time tracking on APP, electronic fence, historical track playback, overspeed alarm, vibration alarm, low power alarm, power saving mode, etc. Our mini tracker is designed for elder, kids, luggage, wallet, purse, important documents, etc. ★【One-button SOS Call】: Reserve the family number in the APP. When your family in an emergency, they can press the SOS button for 3 seconds, then the device will send SMS “help alarm!” to protect the safety of the family. ★【Geo Fence】: Setting a geofence to limit the movement of the device within the zone. When the device violates the zone, the device will send a message to the authorization number. You always know the location of your beloved child or older parents.
    59,98 $
  • Mini GPS Tracker, TKSTAR Magnetic Mini GPS Locator Real Time Anti-Theft Micro GPS Tracking Device with SOS for Kids, Elderly, Wallet, Luggage and Important Document(TK913)
    ★【Multi Mode Positioning】: Based on existing GSM/GPRS networks and GPS satellites, Mini GPS Locator can locate and monitor any remote target via SMS, APP and Internet. It uses the most advanced GPS and AGPS dual positioning technology, positioning accuracy up to 5 meters. ★【Multifunction】: Real-time tracking on APP, electronic fence, historical track playback, overspeed alarm, vibration alarm, low power alarm, power saving mode, etc. Our mini tracker is designed for elder, kids, luggage, wallet, purse, important documents, etc. ★【Mini Size & Built-in Magnet】: Our Mini tracker is designed with 1.8"*1.18"*0.69" and 58g. Widely used for Kids, Elderly, Wallet, Luggage and Important Document. Built in strong magnet, it can also be magnetized on metal. ★【Free APP & Web Tracking Platform】: SIM Card is not included, please buy a 2G SIM for it. And then download the APP on your Android or iOS device, remotely track on the phone, tablet or PC by our lifetime free APP.
    59,98 $ 62,98 $ -5%